Where Can I Get the Best Deal on an XBox 360 for Black Friday?

Yesterday’s post on finding the best deal on a Nintendo DS was so well-received that I set off to do another “Where Can I…” installment. This one is dedicated to the XBox 360 Kinect.

4GB vs 250 GB

The XBox comes in two “flavors” – with 4 GB of memory or with 250 GB.

We decided to get the 4GB, namely because it was – and still is – about $100 cheaper.

If you plan to save a lot of games / scores / other-things-I-don’t-understand, you may find yourself wanting the higher RAM. You can’t upgrade once you have bought the unit, so be sure to consider that when making your decision.

Kinect Sensor

The XBox is a standard game system – i.e. you play the games by holding a remote control in your hand.

The Kinect turns the XBox into a fully-interactive, read-your-body-map-your-moves system. You play the games by moving your body — no remote required.

There are a number of games (particularly sports games like NBA 2K12 – a favorite in my house) that don’t require the Sensor; but without it, you can’t play a lot of the games (like the super cool Kinect Star Wars.)

You can get by without the Sensor, but for the extra $40ish dollars, I think it’s worth it to get the whole deal.

XBox Package Deals

Most offers that we will be seeing this week and throughout December are package deals – which means you get the console, a wireless remote control, a game (or two), and possibly the Kinect Sensor.

Your buy-now price for the 4GB package, with one or two games, and the Sensor — is $199.

You will find this price at Target, Best Buy and KMart — definitely in the stores, and possibly online as well.

You can also expect Amazon to match the $199 price at least once during a Lightning Deal. Last year we saw four such deals over Thursday and Friday.

One final player to keep your eye on is Microsoft. Last year, I was actually able to get our bundle from Microsoft for $199, without any waitlists or shenanigans. I expect to see the same deal again this year.

If you want just the console, without the Kinect, you will pay $40 – $50 less.

Walmart will have a Skylanders Bundle, for example, for $149 – available in-store only.

You will also get “select XBox consoles” from Microsoft for $149 – available online only, start at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday.

If you want the 250 GB of RAM, expect to pay $249 or more. The XBox 250 GB with Kinect Sensor will start from $299.

Game Stop will have the XBox 360 250GB Holiday System Bundle with three gaames (Skyrim, Forza 4 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2) for $249.99. This does not come with the Kinect.



  1. A note on adding more memory to the 4g. There is a small hard drive (like a usb) manufactured specifically for the xbox to retrofit a 4g with more memory. That can be added on later. Not sure if it goes up to 250gb though.

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