8 Tips for the Frugal Hostess (or Host)


When you are trying to reduce your food budget, being a magnanimous host can really throw a wrench into your plans. But does that mean that frugality is incompatible with the mitzvah of hachnasat orachim (welcoming guests)? Absolutely not! Here are … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Use Up Shabbat Leftovers

bread crumb pictures

After spending hours planning, shopping for and preparing frugal Shabbat meals, one of the most wasteful things we can do is throw away our left-overs. The easiest way to avoid this is obviously just to re-serve them a day or two later. But what … [Read more...]

Shabbat on a Budget: Struggling Toward Frugality


I do quite well during the week with my frugal meal planning. But come Shabbat, frugality can fly out the window faster than I can say "Shabbat Shalom!" And if a lot of people are coming over? Fuggitabout! This is what a typical menu for Shabbat … [Read more...]