4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Shop {Especially If You Struggle with Impulse Shopping}

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Why We Doubled Our Grocery Budget … And Why I’m Totally Okay With It

Confession time: I don't remember that last time I used a coupon at the grocery store. Eight years ago, when Frankie and I were deep in the process of building up our emergency fund and doing our best to eek a few extra dollars out of every … [Read more...]

5 Small Ways to Save $235 Per Month

I was contacted recently by the producer of a local NRP show, the Sound of Ideas, about being on a panel of experts to discuss how to live frugally. She started our conversation by asking me a tough question, "Why are you frugal?" Before I … [Read more...]

31 Days of Decluttering, Day 27: 6 Benefits to a Minimalist Wardrobe

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How to Prepare for Severe Weather {on a Budget}

Threats of severe weather are usually a boon for home improvement stores. When Hurricane Sandy was barreling toward the East Coast, Home Depot and Lowe's couldn't keep generators in stock. People wait in line at the grocery stores for hours, … [Read more...]

iPhone Users | WiFi Assist in iOs9 May Be Costing You a Lot of Data! (How to Turn It Off)

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We All Make Mistakes with Money. Please Stop Judging Yourself.

Here's one thing about money I know to be true: Rich, poor or somewhere in between, we all make mistakes. And usually, at least in my experience, these aren't mistakes you can easily fix with a calculator. No, these aren't mere math mistakes -- … [Read more...]

How to Teach Your Children About Money

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Reader Tip | DIY To Save Money on Simple Car Repairs

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Money-Saving Tips from KOAB Readers | Free Kids’ Birthday Parties at Home Depot

Sometimes I learn the greatest money saving tips from my KOAB readers. Checkout this one that Nechama Edelson sent to me: You can call your local Home Depot and book a FREE kids' birthday party. They do the kids workshop and the kids get all of the … [Read more...]