Shabbat Cinnamon Rolls (from Challah Dough)

Last week, I shared this picture on Instagram of my nine year-old helping me to make our favorite Shabbat treat: Cinnamon Rolls! I was asked if I would share the recipe, so thought I'd do so over here on the blog – in case any of you are … [Read more...]

It’s a Giveaway | Brand New “Celebrate” Cookbook By Chef Elizabeth Kurtz (3 Winners)

Just in time for your Pesach menu planning, I have an awesome giveaway for my KOAB friends today! Emunah of America has published a brand new cookbook by the singular kosher chef Elizabeth Kurtz, called Celebrate: Food Family Shabbos. I … [Read more...]

Easy (But Still Elegant) Chicken Rolls

Aren't these pretty? I was asked last week if I write recipes? I sort of laughed and said, "Well, if you can call it that." Then I went on to explain that while I used to love to patchke (putter about) in the kitchen, over the last few years, … [Read more...]

Quick & Easy Pumpkin Coffee Cake

'Tis the season for all things pumpkin. Although the truth is that I cook with pumpkin year-round -- from pumpkin soup to pumpkin bread to mini pumpkin muffins for Shabbat. Last week, I had the crazy idea to turn my regular pumpkin bread recipe … [Read more...]

Easy 3-Ingredient Baked Orzo

Sometimes I wonder if it's redundant of me to put the word "easy" in a recipe title on my blog. I mean, by now, you guys know that I'm all about easy recipes. I just don't do complicated anymore. Once upon a time, before I had kids, I embraced … [Read more...]

Easy Shabbat Lunch Menu

When we moved to Cleveland last fall, we were blessed to find ourselves in a very special community -- one that graciously reached out to us as a new family and invited us into their homes for many, many Shabbatot in a row. These meals … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Make Hosting Shabbat Meals More Affordable

Over the weekend, I received a great question about how to budget for the expense of hosting Shabbat meals. I recently started reviewing your blog and I'm totally inspired. My husband and I are hitting rough times at the moment and when we sat down … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas for Rosh Hashana

  Will you need a hostess gift or two for Rosh Hashana? Check out all these great ideas I found over at Amazon: Le Creuset Stoneware 16-Ounce Honey Pot - $27.95, shipped (originally $40). You can never have too many honey pots; especially … [Read more...]

How Keeping Shabbat Keeps Me Frugal

From a budgeting perspective, it's all too easy to worry about how keeping Shabbat ADDS to the budget. What with all the chicken soup and brisket and dining rooms full of people. But I've found that on a personal (dare I even say spiritual) level, … [Read more...]

Ask My Readers | Best Deals on Shabbat Hot Plates

Plata. Blech. Shabbat hot plate. Call it what you will, my friend Tziporah asked on Facebook if "any of your readers have suggestions on warming trays for Shabbos/Yom Tov? We need one for Pesach." Perfect timing - because ours is biting the … [Read more...]