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  1. Thanks for the great coupons. You make my life much easier!

  2. Anyone know of a good deal on copy paper this week or coming up?

  3. hi,
    just a heads up, tomorrow is the last day to use Kohls cash if anyone bought any of the special deals u so kindly told us about :).
    I was going to get to kohls today but cleaning & laundry prevented me & i’m actually happy it did i saved more money on gas plus the coupon ccyt115 still works & gives an extra 20% off. my husband is desperate for shoes & he’s really hard on his shoes so i bought him 3 pairs, after coupon & $30 cash back it came out to abt $23 a pair!

  4. Have you ever been to Israel? I’m trying to get some good recommendations from those who have visited!

  5. Nachum Hurvitz says

    Well, I’ve been reading and re-reading your paperless article, and this week I decided to make the jump! I bought a barely used ADS-1500W on eBay for $135, signed up for Basic and promptly ran out of upload allowance so I’m now premium. Here we go!

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