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Are sick and tired of getting to the end of the month and not knowing where all your hard-earned money went? Ever feel like you work way too hard to have so little to show for it? Do you worry about how you will manage to retire — or pay for … [Read more...]

Brawny Paper Towel In-Stock, Online at Walmart **HURRY**

Update: Sold Out :(  I did notice that they have Scott's Comfort Toilet Paper in stock for shipping. Like the Brawny, that will last moments. Limit 1 per customer. I know so many of you are looking for paper towel! Look what I just found — but … [Read more...]

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Join Me for a FREE 5-Day Challenge: Jumpstart Your Budget

Elul is a great time for reflection -- for cheshbon nefesh. I want to issue you a friendly challenge: What about reflecting on your finances? Are you ready to get your budget under control? There's no better time to resolve to change than the … [Read more...]

[POLL] How much does it really cost to keep kosher?

I am often asked how much the "average" kosher-keeping family spends on groceries. It seems like a question that is almost impossible to answer because there are a million variables: Where do you live? How big is your family? How old are your … [Read more...]

Need some encouragement with your finances? (Podcast)

If you could use a little encouragement about your finances, I think you are going to love listening to my recent podcast episode on the Jewish Latin Princess. Yael Trusch is an incredible interviewer, and despite my outsized nerves, she made me … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Break the Impulse Shopping Habit

Have you joined the FREE 5-Day Jumpstart Your Budget Challenge yet? On Day 1, I talk about being "all in", and I ask you to let me know what your biggest challenge is to really being ALL IN with your budget. I've received over 200 emails so far … [Read more...]

Why We Doubled Our Grocery Budget … And Why I’m Totally Okay With It

Confession time: I don't remember that last time I used a coupon at the grocery store. Eight years ago, when Frankie and I were deep in the process of building up our emergency fund and doing our best to eek a few extra dollars out of every … [Read more...]

Parenting on a Budget? (Advice & Insight from Rabbi Barry Kislowicz)

Guest post by Rabbi Barry Kislowicz Today I am honored to welcome a friend and outstanding educator, Rabbi Barry Kislowicz, the current head of school at Fuchs Mizrachi School. His wonderful family is moving to Israel this summer, but maybe I can … [Read more...]

7 Habits that Will Change Your Relationship with Money

One of my favorite podcasts is So Money by Farnoosh Torabi. She interviews industry leaders and financial experts, exploring their successes and failures with money. Toward the end of every interview, she asks a series of questions -- everything … [Read more...]