Sukkah Decorations with Amazon Prime (Perfect for Procrastinators!)

Sukkot is right around the corner! Whether you've had a decor theme planned since Pesach — or haven't given your sukkah two thoughts yet — Amazon has a number of beautiful and well-priced decor and lighting options, which will be delivered in two … [Read more...]

Shana Tovah ~ Round-Up of Recipes, Simanim Cards, Menu Plans & More

It's not quite time for me to tell you "Shana Tova", but since yomtov starts Sunday night, I have to be honest with myself that I just may not manage to get to my computer on Sunday. (Am I the only one who finds the way this falls out challenging? … [Read more...]

Get the FREE Rosh Hashana Menu Planner Printable + Lots of Recipe Ideas

Rosh Hashana will be here before we know it! Have you made your menu plan? Download my FREE Rosh Hashana menu planner by filling in your name and email on the form above. I can't wait to share it with you! Not sure what recipes to fill up your … [Read more...]

My Rosh Hashana Menu Plan (2022)

Just ten days until Rosh Hashana! Are you feeling ready? Overwhelmed? In total denial? As I do every year, I'm sharing our Rosh Hashana menu plan —as much as for you as for myself (see why below!). First Night of Rosh Hashana (8 people) As … [Read more...]

Get Your FREE Guide to the Rosh Hashana Simanim

It's almost tiiiime!!! Ever since our Tapas-Style Siman Seder a few years ago, my family has really gotten into eating all of the simanim for Rosh Hashana. (Well, we do skip the real fish head, because ew, I'm squeamish and just can't. Although we … [Read more...]

Shabbat Shalom & Chag Sameach!

Did you download my Kosher on a Budget Shavuot Menu Planner yet? Chag HaShavuot, Chag HaKatzir, Chag/Yom HaBikurim, Zman Matan Torateinu.... Shavuot has so many names, but whatever you call it — it's always my favorite holiday! I love the … [Read more...]

Get the Shavuot Menu Planner for Just $1.99

Thank you to the many of you who asked me to create one especially for Shavuot (after you've been using and loving my Rosh Hashana and Sukkot menu planners.) I'm thrilled with how this one turned out and hope you will be as well. Download your copy … [Read more...]

Our Shavuot Menu Plan 5782 (2022)

Um, Shavuot is in less than a week. (You very organized, on-top-of-it people already know this. But for the rest of us, or, errrr, me — this information caught me Which is surprising, since I've managed to count every day of … [Read more...]

Yom HaZikaron

I share this story each year, because of the tens of thousands of lives that we remember on Israel's Memorial Day, this is the story that I know best. Memorial Day is always a difficult and emotional day, but I will confess that it hits a bit … [Read more...]

The 3 Desserts I Always Make for Passover

Pesach is all about tradition! And dessert. And dessert traditions! There are lots of sweet treats that I'll be making this week and next (for some reason, we eat far more dessert during Pesach than any other week of the year), but these … [Read more...]