A Special Chanukah Recipe from Israel | Ta’amiyyah (Original Egyptian Falafel)

Gil Hovav is Israel’s leading culinary journalist, Gil Hovav has just released a brand new book translated into English, Candies from Heaven. In his native Israel, Gil Hovav is beloved as a special national cultural treasure. Now, finally, with … [Read more...]

How to Save $120 on Your Sukkah (In Less than 5 Minutes)

This genius money-saving maneuver and the post itself are courtesy of my husband, Frankie Sachs REMINDER!!! Need new schach but can't stand the thought of spending so.much.money on it? Well, I have a solution! Our schach "lenetzach" that … [Read more...]

Yom HaZikaron

I share this story again, because of all the tens of thousands of lives that are remembered today, on Israel's Memorial Day, this is the one that I know best. *** My husband moved to Israel from New Jersey the day after his 18th birthday. He … [Read more...]

Need a Pesach Pantry? Get Thee to Aldi!

I was Aldi the other day and noticed one of their special, limited-time buys -- and thought to myself: This would make a perfect Pesach pantry! (My 13 year-old, who was with me, was only slightly mortified that I was taking a picture of them. "Why … [Read more...]

Passover Menu Plan 2017

With less than a week until Passover, I have finally put pen to paper (technically fingers to keyboard) and come up with a menu plan for Pesach. I like to plan out the whole week in advance, not because I'm super organization, but because that's … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget: You Can Kasher Your Keurig for Passover!

Updated: 3/30/17 Calling all Java addicts: Here is some welcome news in the "one less appliance I need to buy for Pesach" department. According to the OU, your Keurig can be kashered for Pesach. The coffee maker must be cleaned well and not … [Read more...]

18 Foods That Don’t Require Special Kosher for Passover Certification (2017 UPDATE)

Updated: 3/29/17 Today I'm sharing 18 food products that do not require a special kosher for Passover certification (hechsher). This is not an exhaustive list, so be sure to consult the various Passover guides for more products. Save, pin, or … [Read more...]

Ten Plagues “Shtick” Ideas for Your Passover Seder

Image via Martha Stewart Remember this one? Four years ago, I introduced seder "shtick" for the Ten Plagues at our seder and our kids LOVED it so much that they ask for it every year. I hope you won't find this too irreverent, but here is is what … [Read more...]

THIS JUST IN! Coconut Oil Kosher for Pesach Without a KLP Hechsher (2017)

YOU GUYS! So, as you know by now, in years past, the OU has said that Spectrum Coconut Oil does not require a special KLP hechsher. Last year, however, the OU Guide to Passover said that it was going to require a special KLP hechsher to use the … [Read more...]

Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Milk – Kosher for Passover without Special P Hechsher!

Update 3/29/17 Wow! KosherCheck (formerly BCK) is my favorite kashering organization EVER! They are incredibly responsive and kind. I reached out to them after this post went viral and got verbal confirmation that this product IS permitted … [Read more...]