10 Sukkot & Simchat Torah Coloring Pages

Sukkah Coloring Pages

Chag Sameach! I shared these last year, but they were such a hit, I wanted to reshare today. Here are 10 fun (and free!) coloring pages to share with your kiddos. Might even be good for some last minute Sukkah decorations! Building a Sukkah … [Read more...]

IT’S A GIVEAWAY | Gorgeous 6-Foot Sukkah Banner from The Sukkah Project

sukkah banner

I can’t believe that fall is here! While most of us are still working on our plans for Rosh Hashana, the folks at The Sukkah Project are already hard at work making and shipping out hundreds of orders for sukkah kits, bamboo schach mats, sukkah … [Read more...]

Building & Decorating Your Sukkah on a Budget

sukkah construction

Photo Credit I have heard from a number of readers who are looking to build their first sukkah this year and can't afford to lay out several hundreds of dollars for a sukkah kit. Worry not! You can actually have just as nice of a sukkah (or nicer!) … [Read more...]

Sukkah Decoration Tutorial: Hanging Bead & Mirror Chains

bead and mirror chain for sukkah - close up

This is a guest post by Esther Ottensoser. If you’re looking for a sukkah-decorating idea that's a little more creative than the classic paper chain, here’s a simple yet elegant project to try. This sparkly mirror and bead chain idea is easy, … [Read more...]

FREE Sukkah Banner Printables: Rules of the Sukkah + Ushpizin

Sukkah Printables

Show of hands: Who started building their sukkah tonight? Whether you were out there right after your post-fast glass of OJ, or plan to get started a little later, here are some fantastic FREE printables for your Sukkah that you are going to LOVE, … [Read more...]

Deals on Folding Tables ~ 6-Foot Table for $38 from Lowe’s

Lowe's folding table deal

So many of you have asked me about deals on folding tables recently - I presume for your sukkot (or for overflow seating for big Rosh Hashana meals). For several weeks now, I've been on the lookout for an amazing deal and think I finally found one … [Read more...]

Booth Dwellers | Sukkah Banners 5% Off Discount Code (Ends 8/20)

Sukkah Banners

I wanted to remind you that the stunning Booth Dwellers banners I talked about a couple of weeks ago are still 5% off with the exclusive coupon code KOAB082013. Shipping is FREE. This offer ends on Tuesday, 8/20. The banners come in four … [Read more...]

Booth Dwellers | Sukkah Banners 5% Off Discount Code

Sukkah Banners

I know. I know. I can practically hear your groans. But the fact of the matter is -- the chagim are coming. And fast. With all the preparations that go into Rosh Hashana - especially when it's a three-day yomtov like this year! - and the … [Read more...]

Pictures from our Sukkah

Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 11.39.49 AM

Moadim l'Simcha! I've been meaning to share these pictures with you all week, but the days just got away from me. Here's my almost 7  year-old showing off his Ushpizin mobile And I made the "disco ball" light. Well, it was actually a … [Read more...]

Shmeini Atzeret / Simchat Torah Menu Plan (The Updated Version)

Screen Shot 2012-10-05 at 11.02.09 AM

It occurred to me last night that (a) I am really burned out on cooking already and (b) I'm feeling like all we've been doing the last week is EATING. And eating. And eating. So, I decided to revamp our menu plan to make things a little … [Read more...]