It Really Does Pay to Shop Around

I needed to buy some flea medicine for our cat (uch, gross, I know!), so I stopped in at Petco the other day. I was a bit overwhelmed by the cost: More than $45 for 3 months worth of drops. Yikes! I figured I could do better online, so I left the store and made a mental note to check prices.

This morning, I got an email from Petco telling me that they are having a 20% off sale. I jumped on their site and was pleased to find the same medication for $39.99 with free shipping. I was planning to run the sale through Ebates, so I could get back the 6% cash back. (If you’re not familiar with Ebates, check out #2 on my 5 Tips for Saving Money with Online Shopping post.)

But before I pressed “buy now”, I clicked over to Amazon for quick price comparison. Oh happy day! With my free Prime membership (thanks to Amazon Mom), I was able to get free 2-day shipping and pay just… drumroll please… $29.35 for the exact same medicine!

(Of course with Swagbuck-purchased gift cards, my out of pocket was even lower. Oh, how I love Swagbucks!)

The whole comparison shopping thing took me less time than it has to write this post and I saved over $10 for my efforts. I’m not a super math genius, but it seems to me that when less than 5 minutes of effort can save you 30% or more, no one can afford NOT to shop around!

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