4 Ways to Make Passover More Healthy

How to Eat Healthy for Passover

This is a guest post by Nina Manolson, Health Coach and founder of Smokin' Hot Mom Passover is big business! It’s a 2 billion dollar-a-year business! When we go to the store, we are inundated with “kosher for Passover” packaged foods. … [Read more...]

Levana’s Complete Passover Meal Plan for FREE

Whole Foods Free Passover Meal Plan

Wondering what you're going to make for Pesach? Download Levana's Complete Pesach Menu for FREE from Jewish E-books. The menu is excerpted from Levana's book, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen - which can be downloaded as an e-book for just … [Read more...]

FREE Passover Seder Place Cards Templates

Passover Place Card

Download this FREE template for Passover place cards, courtesy of The Bold Edge. (This is a link to the PDF file.) You can print them out on card stock for a sturdier card. Or get really green and laminate them, then use a dry erase marker to … [Read more...]

My Family’s Passover Meal Plan

The first seder is in just 6 days, but I feel as though I'd need about 16 days to be fully ready for Pesach. Do I feel this way every year? I can't remember! I'm definitely behind the eight ball this year, though, that's for sure. Can anyone … [Read more...]

Passover Meal Planning Made Easy (Guest Post)

clip board for passover

Today's helpful guest post about Pesach menu planning comes from KOAB reader, Caroline Musin. I will admit it—I love Pesach. I love seders, I love Haggadot, and I love having the luxury of having this particular week off work. I even love the … [Read more...]