2021 Black Friday Master List | Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Black Friday Deals


Welcome to the 2021 Black Friday Master List!

As you know, Black Friday is a one of the best times of the year to score a great deal (or three!).

But it can be confusing to figure out which store has the best price on the item you really want and need.

That’s where this Black Friday Master List comes in. I comb through all your favorite Black Friday ads as they are released and compare the sale prices in this spreadsheet.

By the time Black Friday arrives, this list will be absolutely massive with more than 5,000 products. To quickly find something specific, without having to scroll through the whole chart, just press Control+F (or Open Apple+F on a Mac) and type in the product or brand you’re looking for.

Viewing on your phone?

For the best viewing experience on your phone, turn your phone to landscape, so that the full Master List spreadsheet will be visible.

Do you prefer a printable list?

As you have probably noticed, the 2021 Black Friday Price Comparison Spreadsheet is VIEW ONLY and therefore cannot be printed or edited (I had a problem with that in the past!).

However…. since so many of you have asked me for a printable version, I made this PDF version for you! As with the spreadsheet, the Black Friday Cheatsheet PDF will be updated regularly, so if you print the list today, just know that you’ll want to check for the updated versions as we get closer to Black Friday.

2021 Black Friday Price Comparison Cheatsheet

Deals are being updated as quickly as possible as stores release their ads, so check back often for more sales. Be sure to bookmark this page — and remember the password!