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Amazon pricing can change on a dime, so please act accordingly and always confirm prices before you check-out. For a limited time, Amazon is offering a rare discount on Melissa & Doug Puzzles - up to 30% off! There are a bunch of fun options, … [Read more...]

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21 Days to a Better Budget, Day 14: What’s Your Sacred Cow?

Did you get a chance to read yesterday’s post – about prioritizing expenses when you spend more than you make? The truth is that prioritizing is really just a fancy word for “learning to saying no”. Two short little letters; long on meaning. Even … [Read more...]

21 Days to a Better Budget, Day 12: Expect the Unexpected

Last week, we worked on identifying the major “categories” for your budget:Fixed expenses, variable expenses, future expenses, and “blow money” (a small but essential category!). Today, I want to point out one more very important category: … [Read more...]

21 Days to a Better Budget, Day 11: Give Yourself Some Breathing Room

  When my husband, Frankie, and I first started budgeting, we were really gung-ho. Our #1 goal was paying off debt and we wanted it done, like, yesterday. We cut everything and anything we could out of our budget. We went from living beyond … [Read more...]

21 Days to a Better Budget, Day 10: Born Savers v Learned Savers

  As I’m sure you have figured out by now, the theme of this week’s posts has been “Be the boss”. “Be the boss” is really just a memorable way for me to say to you: Be in charge of your money. Don’t just let is slip through your fingers. Take … [Read more...]

21 Days to a Better Budget, Day 9: Variable Expenses

Yesterday we did one of the easier parts of budgeting – identified your fixed expenses.  Today, we’re getting a bit more complicated by tackling your variable expenses. Unlike fixed expenses, which cost the same amount month after month (for … [Read more...]

21 Days to a Better Budget, Day 8: Start Simple, Get Fancy Later

I hope you have your “boss hat” on, because today we are going to start delegating those money jobs. (If you missed yesterday’s email where I explain how to be the boss of your money, go check it out here.) The first rule of delegating is to start … [Read more...]

21 Days to a Better Budget, Day 7: Give Every Dollar a Job

  The Why of Budgeting Most of us work very hard to bring money into our homes. So why is it that for so many people, all that hard work flies out the window as soon as it comes to spending the money? We’ll work hard to bring the money … [Read more...]

21 Days to a Better Budget, Day 6: From Tracking to Budgeting

Today we’re talking about how to begin moving from tracking to budgeting. By tracking your spending, you are creating a record of what you have done with your money in the past; by budgeting, you are creating a plan for what you are going to do … [Read more...]