Join me for the FREE Aliyah Webinar with Olim Advisors

Are you planning to make aliyah? Do you know someone who is? This is for you! I am teaming up with my dear friend Lara from Olim Advisors to host a FREE webinar next Sunday, March 17 at 11 am EST about making aliyah. Lara is the ultimate expert … [Read more...]

Rental Cars in Israel | Best Rates & Customer Service

Disclosure: This is a paid advertisement. More information about ads can be found in my Disclosure Policy. Are you coming to Israel soon? Maybe for Pesach – or the summer?  One of the biggest costs (and stressors) is finding a rental car in … [Read more...]

Are You Making Aliyah? Here are 13 Products You Should Definitely Pack On Your Lift! (& 5 More to Consider!)

Do you remember this post about products to stockpile before making Aliyah? I can’t believe it's been seven years since I wrote that! Now that my family is eighteen months into our “re”-aliyah, I’ve been asked by a KOAB reader who is making aliyah … [Read more...]

It’s All Worth It In the End (Bar Mitzvah Stories & Pictures)

I took the most extended break of my blogging career these past three weeks and I really appreciate your patience with me. My son Matan's Bar Mitzvah was September 22nd (Parshat HaAzinu), and then immediately after the first day of Sukkot (I love … [Read more...]

The Best Way to Transfer Money to Israel [My Unsolicited Review of TransferWise]

This is a post for my friends in Israel (or those who are just curious about the practical side of our life here)! If you live in Israel, but earn money -- or just have savings -- in the United States (or elsewhere), then you no doubt have … [Read more...]

(For My Israel Readers!) Ben & Jerry’s Birthday Tour – GET FREE ICE CREAM!

Hey all! If you are in Israel this summer, and you love ice cream (duh!), I've got some fun news for you! Ben & Jerry's is celebrating their 40th birthday with a FREE Tasting Tour Across Israel. Catch the first stop tomorrow (6/19) at Park … [Read more...]

{LAST CALL} FREE WEBINAR! Making Aliyah with Kids — Everything You Need to Know!

LAST CALL! The free MAKING ALIYAH WITH KIDS WEBINAR is happening TODAY, Monday, May 28th, at 10 am EST. If you haven't registered yet, please go ahead and do that, because there are only a couple spots left. Can't wait to see you! I am … [Read more...]

IKEA Sale in Israel | Up to 70% Off (Thru 1/28)

Yesterday, I shared a $25 off $150 coupon for IKEA and a reader asked me if the coupon was valid in Israel. The answer is unfortunately not -- since it is a dollar-value coupon. However... I've got other great IKEA news for those of us in … [Read more...]