The Perfect Taste of Israel! “Shuk” Surprise Pack of 6 Spices — $35 Shipped (from Israel!)

Wow! I love this! If you are missing Israel these days, here is a perfect way to bring a beautiful taste of Israel to your table! Eating Around Israel sells a wide range of organic, kosher, handcrafted spices, carefully curated from the best of … [Read more...]

iHerb | Super Fast Shipping + Great Product Selection (Including Make-Up) + New 12% Off Coupon Code {Great for Readers in Israel}

I'm bumping this post back up to the top because just released a brand new coupon code good for 12% off your purchase site-wide. Just use the coupon code IHERB12 at checkout. The code is valid on all your purchases through August 31st! In addition … [Read more...]

COVID-19 & Travel Restrictions to Israel

Update (March 9, 2 pm EST): At 8 pm in Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that anyone entering Israel from abroad (any country) will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days upon their arrival. The decision is not retroactive (meaning, if … [Read more...]

Amazon Ends FREE Shipping to Israel Promotion

Update 3/22/20 I am sure by now you've heard the disappointing news that Amazon has discontinued its free shipping to Israel. While you can still order from Amazon to Israel, you will have to pay for shipping (typically $50+ per order). Plus, due to … [Read more...]

Can I Afford to Make Aliyah? (Personal Finance Insights for New Olim)

If you're thinking about making aliyah, you've probably asked yourself: Can I really afford to live in Israel? You're not alone: One of the biggest worries for people making aliyah is personal finance. And with good reason. According to the … [Read more...]

FREE Webinar for Olim (& anyone Aliyah-Interested) about Health Care in Israel

Are you making aliyah – or have you recently made aliyah – and find yourself with a lot of questions about health insurance in Israel? It can be a huge change – and source of confusion – for new olim, who are used to very different insurance … [Read more...]

Family-Friendly Day Trips in the Center of Israel (Passover 2019)

After taking two wonderful in-country vacations this year – to the south over Sukkot Chol HaMoed and to the north over Chanukah break – we decided to plan some low-key staycation activities for Chol HaMoed Pesach. Since we live in the center of … [Read more...]

Join me for the FREE Aliyah Webinar with Olim Advisors

Are you planning to make aliyah? Do you know someone who is? This is for you! I am teaming up with my dear friend Lara from Olim Advisors to host a FREE webinar next Sunday, March 17 at 11 am EST about making aliyah. Lara is the ultimate expert … [Read more...]

Rental Cars in Israel | Best Rates & Customer Service

Disclosure: This is a paid advertisement. More information about ads can be found in my Disclosure Policy. Are you coming to Israel soon? Maybe for Pesach – or the summer?  One of the biggest costs (and stressors) is finding a rental car in … [Read more...]

Are You Making Aliyah? Here are 13 Products You Should Definitely Pack On Your Lift! (& 5 More to Consider!)

Do you remember this post about products to stockpile before making Aliyah? I can’t believe it's been seven years since I wrote that! Now that my family is eighteen months into our “re”-aliyah, I’ve been asked by a KOAB reader who is making aliyah … [Read more...]