KOAB Recipe Exchange: Pumpkin Party! (Quick Bread)

With the abundance of pumpkin available these days, I thought I'd give my favorite fall vegetable a KOAB recipe exchange all its own. We love pumpkin blended in soups, or chunked with other veggies and served over couscous. My favorite way to … [Read more...]

Planning for the Chagim, Part 4: RH Post Mortem. With recipes!

How was your Rosh Hashana?! For us, it was lovely to be with family and friends, and the food I cooked (mostly) turned out really well, but I will say that I dearly miss one-day yom tov in Israel! Did you know that four out of the next five years … [Read more...]

KOAB Recipe Exchange, Week 5: Challah Recipes

When we moved back to the U.S. from Israel, we had to learn to make our own challot, since gone were the days of picking up a challah for 10 NIS at the corner makolet (mini-market). My husband took on the baking job enthusiastically and tried out … [Read more...]