Giveaway & Review: Scrabble Turbo Slam

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One day, a long long time ago, I lived in a small studio apartment in Jerusalem. My boyfriend at the time was coming home from a month in miluim (reserve duty). He called and asked me to pick him up from the central bus station. On the way home, he insisted on coming back to my place.

He was acting weird. Very quiet. I was a bit worried about him, but figured he was just exhausted from a month of defending the Jewish people.

Little did I know…

We walked into my apartment and the first thing I noticed was a huge bouquet of flowers. And then another. And another.

“What the…? How did those get in here?!”

I looked at him questioningly. He flashed a sheepish grin.

I turned back around and noticed a half dozen glimmering candles. And finally, I saw the Scrabble board – all set up, on my counter. (We played a lot of Scrabble, back in the day.) I stepped in for a closer look.

It read: “Mara, will you marry me?”

I started crying. My army-green clad boyfriend bent down on one knee, jewelry box in his hand.

There was much squealing. And jumping up and down. And more crying. I think I even managed a “Yes!” in all my antics.

As you can imagine – I’m still pretty darned fond of the game of Scrabble.

Fast forward ten years, and I get an email from the good folks at Hasbro toys, asking if I’d be interested in reviewing their newest Scrabble game: Turbo Slam.

So let me just tell you this off the bat: If you are a faithful Scrabble player, Turbo Slam is not the sedentary game you know.

There’s speed. And short words. And flashing lights, beeping sounds and even music (which, blissfully, you can turn off, if your kids aren’t the wiser).

(Due to all the battery operated fun, this game is not Shabbat friendly. For that, you’ll need to go old school).

So, here’s how you play:

The first player spells out a word, the you all slap down your cards to change the words on the table. When you hear the Turbo slam buzz, the first player to slam the button grabs an action card.

Sometimes these cards work to your benefit – like giving your cards to other players or taking them out of play entirely, but sometimes they’re to your detriment (like having to keep them to yourself).

You need word creating skills, but you also need speed: You gotta stay on your toes in Turbo Slam – otherwise your eight year-old might beat you. Handily.

Sound like fun?! Well, good, because one lucky KOAB reader gets to win Scrabble Turbo Slam, thanks to Hasbro.

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Dislcosure: Hasbro provided me with a free copy of Scrabble Turbo Slam to facilitate my review. I was not otherwise compensated for my time, nor for running this giveaway. All positive opinions of the game are my own – as is my engagement story.


  1. Rummikub and Skip-Bo

  2. I subscribed to your email! W00t! Love KOAB…now in my inbox! 🙂

  3. Liked you on Facebook! 🙂

  4. I love Apples to Apples.

  5. I like you on facebook.

  6. I love Trivial Pursuit and used to love the Game of Life as a kid. Loved those littled cars with the peg people.

  7. I like you on facebook.

  8. I subscribe to your newsletter.

  9. My favorite game is Scattegories.

  10. I subscribed to the newsletter.

  11. I updated my status on FB.

  12. I have two favorite games – Cribbage and Backgammon. As a child I grew up playing cribbage. We only had a wood stove to heat our house (and no television) so this was how we passed long winter nights as a family. Playing cribbage was also a sign that you were a ‘big’ kid because it require math and a bit of strategy.

    Backgammon is the game I have added since marrying my Israeli husband. It is our ‘summer’ Shabbat game where as cribbage is our winter Shabbat game. My husband still beats me two games out of every three, but I am getting better and becoming a more aggressive player.

  13. I have received KOAB email newsletter for a while. It is how I keep up to dat during my work day so I don’t miss as many timely deals!

  14. Bananagrams brings out the competitive nature in my family – but i love all word games!

  15. Monopoly.

  16. Love playing Balderdash with a large group of friends!

  17. Rummy-cube or Rummy-O, lots of fond memories of playing with my grandparents. Plus, it is a game that even kids can enjoy.

  18. Scattergories!

  19. Already subscribe.

  20. Not on Facebook, but I still like you 😉

  21. Definitely “Like” KOAB on Facebook

  22. Posted: I just entered to win Scrabble Turbo Slam from @KosheronaBudget. You could win, too – if you enter the giveaway.

  23. Miriam in savannah says

    We love to play Settlers of Catan — all the neighborhood kids come over to play with it and turned our house overnight into a Shabbos hangout

  24. Miriam in savannah says

    Quiddler and Davinci’s Challenge both have to be mentioned too, though . . .

  25. Miriam in savannah says

    I already like you on facebook (and I like you on your blog too!)

  26. Miriam in savannah says

    . . . and i also am a subscriber . . .

  27. Miriam in savannah says

    . . . and I’ve updated my status.

  28. Miriam in savannah says

    . . . and because I’ve commented already 5 times on this post, I won’t feel bad about one more game I must mention (you’ve struck a nerve on my “game geekiness”), not a true board game, but still — “perpetual commotion”!!!

  29. Our favorite game is settlers of cattan.

  30. I have subscribed to website

  31. perpetual commotion, perfect for all the people in our family, plus it can be played on shabbos (the only time we seem to be able to play games together)

  32. i subscribe to your email

  33. Taboo! I play it all the time with my friends!