High Value Coupons for Cold & Flu Season

coupons for cold medicine

From head colds to stomach flus, we’re entering the season of sick. Of course, good nutrition, adequate sleep, and proper hygiene (boys… mommy’s looking at you!) is great for prevention, but once I’m actually sick, I usually just want a little pharmaceutical help to get well again.

With a little luck — i.e. great sales and high value coupons — I just might be able to stock my over-the-counter medicine cabinet for less than a few bucks this winter. Here are some of my favorite medicine coupons available right now.

$2 off Tylenol Cold & Flu

$3 off Zantac (not exactly cold & flu related, but still a nice high value medicine coupon)

$4 off Prevacid (ditto the Zantac comment)

$1.50 off Theraflu (search Healthcare on left side bar)

$2 off Theraflu Max D

$1 off Tylenol Rapid Release

$3 off Afrin 12-hour spray

$2 off any Advil product

$1 off Robitussin

$2 off Oscillo — a homeopathic medication available at CVS, Walgreens, etc.

Print these now, as you never know how long the campaigns will last. Hopefully you won’t need them later. But if you do, hopefully you’ll find a great deal!

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