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Have you been wanting to give KiwiCo boxes a try for your kiddos? This is their best deal of the whole year.

Use the promo code PRIME to get your first box $9.95, regularly $23.95 and up. That’s $2 better than even their Black Friday deal!

KiwiCo is a monthly subscription service, which delivers kids of all ages a box — or a “crate” — with all the supplies they need to create at least one (and often two) hands-on STEAM-based project (that is, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics).

All boxes and crates will ship for free. This coupon code applies to your first box/crate only.

To get started, just click the green “Get a Crate” button.

You choose a line that will be of greatest interest to your child — KiwiCo has projects for every age, stage and interest!

Each box comes with detailed instructions, all necessary supples, and a copy of the KiwiCo Explore! magazine which comes packed with games, comics and suggestions to extend the fun of your project. If you get stuck, there are plenty of instructional videos available on the KiwiCo’s YouTube site.

Note that there will be a small additional cost on the Eureka, Maker, and Panda Crates, as those are higher cost boxes even without the coupon code.

Once you choose your plan, your first crate will ship in 2 days. KiwiCo even has international shipping (shipping to Israel is $4.95 per box/crate)!

By signing up for this deal, you are signing up for the monthly subscription, which auto renews each month at the regular price after the terms of this offer have expired. After your receive your first box for $9.95, you can decide at any point to cancel your subscription. To do so is simple within your account settings.

Are you a KiwiCo family? I’d love to hear from the KOAB community your thoughts on this subscription service!


  1. Do you know how soon the first box will come?

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