Make Over Your Mornings: 14 Day Online Video Course by Crystal Paine (Special Pricing Today Only)

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Last night, I did something I’ve actually never done — I purchased an online, self-improvement course. Crystal Paine of the mega is a huge proponent of the morning routine — and how it helps her to be more successful and centered. She just launched a 14-day video course to teach the rest of us her secrets, called Make Over Your Mornings.

Crystal is hardly the first to advocate for a great morning routine. It’s all the rage in the business books I’ve been reading lately. In fact, just last week I was listening to a podcast with Hal Elrod, of The Miracle Morning. Wow, did that make me realize how very far from miraculous my mornings are! As someone who works from home, I often get the kids out the door, grab my chai tea and start working. To wit: Here it is, 11:30 am when I’m writing this post and I’m still in my PJs. Yup, my morning could use some making over.

Make over your mornings

So when Crystal announced the launch of her brand-new 14-day Make Over Your Mornings course, I decided to go for it. The special introductory pricing didn’t hurt either. 😉

While I haven’t started my course yet, I’m pretty pumped about it and hoping I can take some kernels from it that will improve not just my productivity but also my peace of mind. Given that the low pricing is time-specific throughout the day, I wanted to go ahead and share it with you if this is your thing.

Make Over Your Mornings Introductory Pricing – June 2nd ONLY

7 am to 12 pm ET: Just $7
12 pm to 5 pm ET: Only $10
5 pm to 12 am ET: Only $13
June 3 & on: $17

In the Make Over Your Mornings course, Crystal will walk you, step-by-step, through a process that creates a routine that will:

  • Prioritize nourishing your soul before launching your day (Crystal is a Christian, but I’m hoping this will be non-denominational…and certainly as Jews, we have lots of morning soul nourishing built right in for us!)
  • Streamline your mornings (and your whole day)
  • Create a to-do list that serves (not strangles)
  • Establish accountability
  • Set short- and long-term goals, and SO MUCH MORE!

Head on over to and get in on the rock-bottom price for this course today.


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    Thanks – I just signed up!

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