Plink Rewards | Spend $20 at Gap or Old Navy, Get FREE $20 Amazon Gift Card

plink old navy offer

I’ve talked about Plink before, but they have a new offer that is so amazing I just had to repost.

Plink is a rewards program, which pays you for shopping at stores like Old Navy, the GAP, movie theaters, Dunkin’ Donuts and even 7-11.

Right now, when you sign up for Plink, they will give you a FREE $20 Amazon Gift Card when you spend $20 at the Gap or Old Navy by April 14.

(You can alternatively select to get your FREE $20 gift card to Target, Walmart or iTunes, if you prefer.)

If you’re planning to pick up a few items for the summer anyway — you can essentially get them for FREE with this offer. Amazing!

Here’s how it works:

  • Register one of your credit  or debit cards with Plink (*Plink has bank level security)
  • Spend $20 at Gap or Old Navy on the card linked to Plink by April 14th
  • Earn a FREE $20 gift card to your choice of Amazon, Target, Walmart or iTunes on April 18th

I tested out Plink a few weeks ago, as did my husband. We both got our credits right away (at the time, it was a different offer, but we got ours without a problem).

Why Trust Plink?

Your account is safe with Plink. We use bank-level encryption to secure your login credentials. We establish a read-only connection to download your transactions, but we cannot view or access your card account number.

We only use your transactions to track your purchases so we can award you with virtual currency or other incentives. Your personal information is never sold or shared.

Also, you can always cancel your Plink account after you get your FREE $20 Amazon gift card, if you’d rather.



  1. Would this work if I went into Old Navy and purchased a $20 gift card?

  2. Sara-Leah Haber says

    Thanks Mara for all your work. I clicked on the link and it said that the offer expired. I thought that maybe this happened because I live in Israel and often offers aren’t available there. I tried going directly to the Plink website and I did join but I realized too late that this only works in stores. There aren’t old navy or gap stores here yet though a payless is opening soon. Is there any disadvantage to my staying a member? Do you know of any similar deals that work with online stores? Thanks.

    • Mara Strom says

      Oh what a bummer – I’m sorry 🙁 I am not aware of online deals right now, but I can check into it more for you. The original offer was just signup, link a card, and get a $5 Amazon gift card. I wonder if you cancel now — then you can sign up again when / if that offer comes back.

  3. does this still work:)?

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