Purim Giveaway #5: $25 to AviGlatt.com (2 Winners)

Wow – what a ride! A whole week of giveaways! Have you been having fun? I sure have! I am getting such a kick out of reading your comments on all the giveaway posts.

If you missed any of them, be sure to throw your name into the proverbial hat for:

$25 to KosherWine.com

2 Shalom Sesame DVD sets

$30 to Behold & Grow Pastured, Kosher Chicken

Password Protected Giveaway #4 for KOAB Facebook Fans

For today’s giveaway, I’ve got TWO $25 gift certificates to AviGlatt.com. Two gift certificates – one for each of two lucky readers.

Whether you want to pick up a few treats for your Purim seudah, find some specialty items for your Pesach seder, or just stock up on sumptuous imported Israeli goods, AviGlatt‘s got you covered.

Are you ready to win a $25 gift certificate to AviGlatt.com?!

You have three ways to enter. Be sure to leave separate comments for each answer to increase your chances of winning.

(1) Leave a comment on this post telling me what you (or your kids or your SO or your pet) will be dressed up as for Purim.

(2) Make sure you are subscribed to KOAB – either via email or RSS feed – so you’ll get the big announcement on Monday with all the winners! Once you’ve subscribed (or if you already are), leave a second comment to that effect.

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Entries on this – and the rest of my Purim giveaways – will end on Sunday, March 13 at midnight. I will announce all the winners on Monday morning!

All winners will be selected randomly. Each person can win only once during the week-long Purim Giveaway.

*Avi Glatt does not ship outside of the United States. Sorry 🙁

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of AviGlatt.com, which means that if you make a purchase from their store through an affiliate link on my blog, I will receive a small commission. Additionally, AviGlatt has offered to give (2) $25 gift certificates to the winning KOAB readers. I have not been compensated in any manner for running this giveaway nor for sharing my positive opinions of AviGlatt.com.


  1. my husband will be dressed as a soldier

  2. My littlest one will be a sefer torah scroll, and my middlest one is a self invented super heroine! Myself? Well, I’ve made myself a headscarf that is covered in masks that I wear every year!

  3. I’m dressing up as a bee, as in “Mother to Be” And doing a Honey themed shaloch manos.

  4. I’m subscribed to your blog through the RSS feed I get to my feedly reader.

  5. I follow your on twitter.

  6. My kids will be football player and a chef

  7. I subscribed to your emails

  8. Jennifer S says

    The kids are obsessed with Harry Potter, so they’ve each got wizard robes.

  9. Jennifer S says

    I am subscribed to your email!

  10. Jennifer S says

    And now I’m following you on Twitter!

  11. DH and I will be wearing these awesome masks that we bought at a recent medieval festival.
    Now if we can only find floor length capes to go with them…. 🙂

  12. My kids will be Mr. Incredible and a dragon.

  13. I’m subscribed to your RSS feed

  14. One- John Lennon.
    One- iPod
    One- Napoleon
    One- ???

  15. Have “Liked” KOAB a long time ago :>)