80% off Kosher Restaurant Vouchers

Have you heard of They sell discounted vouchers to restaurants nationwide, which can make eating out much more affordable. I’ve always been super envious of people who could purchase these – I mean, hello!, who wouldn’t want to eat out for 60%, 70% or 80% less than “menu prices”?

But alas, I assumed the restaurants on would all be treif. But I assumed wrong! I just learned that there are kosher restaurants on the list in “select” markets (of course), including but not limited to:

Cherry Grill in Cherry Hill, NJ – $25 off a $40 bill, for just $2 (which  means you will pay just $17 for a $40 tab!)

Five Town Grill in New York – $50 off a $100 bill, for just $4 (you will pay just $54 for a $100 tab!)

17 Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Miami – $25 off a $35 bill for just $2 (you will pay just $12 for $35 tab!)

Panini Cafe in Las Vegas – $25 off a $45 bill for just $1 (you pay just $21 for a $45 tab!)

Here’s how to get your voucher:

  • Search for restaurants in the city of your choice
  • Select your voucher value of choice
  • Use the code LOVE at checkout to save 80%
  • Don’t forget that you should always tip on the full value of your tab, not the discounted price tag


Thanks, Dan’s Deals, for the heads up on the kosher restaurants! Very good news, indeed.

P.S. On a personal note, I really apologize for disappearing on you all today. It’s been a ca-razy day. DS2 had this weird swelling and rash thing all over his hands and arms, plus a sore throat, so I ended up rushing him to Urgent Care at 9 a.m. – B”H it was just a virus, but that sure did get my heart pumping!

Then (well, actually an hour before the thing with DS), my MacBook kicked the bucket. I’d put a new hard drive in it in August, but it never really came back to itself. This morning, I turned it on; it shut itself off; I turned it on, it shut itself off. This afternoon, while DS was in a Benadryl stupor, I stopped into the Mac store and picked up a new MacBook Pro. Thank goodness for student/faculty discounts and a mom who has an ID to share! (And for emergency funds!)

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  1. So glad DS2 is OK, and titchadshi on the MBP! I, of course, am partial to my MBA, but the MBP is pretty freaking awesome. 🙂

  2. Dear,
    Please work with kosher restaurants in Chicago!!!
    Just my two cents… Caroline

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