Osem Printable Passover Coupons

I posted about these back in July, but I wanted to remind you that the Osem Printable Coupons (PDFs) are actually still available - and can be used on KLP varieties, too. Since these coupons are PDFs, you can download them to your desktop and … [Read more...]

New Osem Printable Coupons (PDFs)

Osem has released four new $.75/1 printable coupons. These coupons are PDFs, which means you can download them to your desktop and print them as you need them. $0.75/1 Osem consomme soup mix 14 oz. $0.75/1 Osem mini crouton soup "mandels" 14.1 … [Read more...]

Passover GIVEAWAY #1: Osem KLP Gift Pack (Two Winners)

Did you know that Passover represents 40% of annual kosher food sales in America? Isn't that astonishing?! One week out of 52 makes up 40% of all kosher sales?! Kosher food manufacturers like the Israeli-based Osem aren't immune to these … [Read more...]