The Join-In, Participate, Sing-Along Passover Haggadah for $11.95 (Reg. $14.95) + Review

Close your eyes for a second and picture your seder table. Who's sitting there? Children? Adults? Elderly relatives? Does everyone know the haggadah backwards and forwards? Or are there those who struggle - especially with the Hebrew? Like so … [Read more...]

Seder Planning Made Easier

My friend Ellen is founder of, which has released their brand new Guide to Celebrating Passover -- a  36-page manual and two audio files designed to make celebrating Passover easier and more enjoyable. I recognize that … [Read more...]

FREE Passover Activity Placement Download

Looking for activities to keep your children engaged during the seder? My friend Rachel sent me this Passover Activity Placement from Sha'arim (Gateways to Access to Jewish Education). The placemat is double-sided, with one-side featuring the … [Read more...]

Passover Meal Plan ~ 2013

It's official: One week until Pesach. Gulp. I'm feeling woefully unprepared and overwhelmed. Although I'm pretty sure I feel this way every year. Kinda like how I freak out before flying anywhere - and then somehow it all works out okay and I … [Read more...]

Levana’s Complete Passover Meal Plan for FREE

Wondering what you're going to make for Pesach? Download Levana's Complete Pesach Menu for FREE from Jewish E-books. The menu is excerpted from Levana's book, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen - which can be downloaded as an e-book for just … [Read more...]

FREE Passover Seder Place Cards Templates

Download this FREE template for Passover place cards, courtesy of The Bold Edge. (This is a link to the PDF file.) You can print them out on card stock for a sturdier card. Or get really green and laminate them, then use a dry erase marker to … [Read more...]

My Family’s Passover Meal Plan

The first seder is in just 6 days, but I feel as though I'd need about 16 days to be fully ready for Pesach. Do I feel this way every year? I can't remember! I'm definitely behind the eight ball this year, though, that's for sure. Can anyone … [Read more...]

Passover Meal Planning Made Easy (Guest Post)

Today's helpful guest post about Pesach menu planning comes from KOAB reader, Caroline Musin. I will admit it—I love Pesach. I love seders, I love Haggadot, and I love having the luxury of having this particular week off work. I even love the … [Read more...]