#SNAP4aWeek Reflections | Final Tally & Parting Thoughts

Today is the final day of my family's participation in the Mazon SNAP Food Stamps Challenge. I wanted to share with you my final grocery total, as well as some parting thoughts on our experiences. As far as food costs, I did two additional shops … [Read more...]

SNAP Reflections – Food Waste Makes Me Crazy

I'll be sharing little snipits of my emotional experiences with Mazon's SNAP Food Stamp Challenge throughout the week. I'd love to hear from those of you participating this week as well - Paul, Sharon, Susan, Chaviva... and everyone else. So, this … [Read more...]

My Last Shopping Trip(s) for the SNAP Challenge – $78.32

Yesterday, I did the second half of my shopping for the SNAP Food Stamp Challenge. I was going to shop only at Walmart and Costco. But then a friend pointed out that Costco might not take food stamps - and even if they did, the cost of membership … [Read more...]

What $31.50 Will Buy at Aldi {#SNAP4aWeek}

I started my SNAP Food Stamp Challenge shopping off at Aldi. While not everyone has an Aldi nearby, if you do (check the store locator here), Aldi can be a wonderful source for inexpensive produce. I usually stop there at least once a week to pick … [Read more...]

SNAP Food Stamp Challenge | The Vegetarian Based Menu Plan

I'm a firm believer in the benefits of money-planning. Not only does it save sanity (no more "what's for dinner??? panic at 5 o'clock), but it saves a tremendous amount of money. When you plan a menu, and then shop according to that menu, you … [Read more...]

SNAP Food Stamps Challenge | Privilege, Gratitude & My Game Plan

Since announcing my participating in Mazon's week-long SNAP Food Stamp Challenge, I've been truly overwhelmed with your responses - on the blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, and in my inbox. Thank you to all who shared your stories with me. You've … [Read more...]

Join the SNAP Food Stamp Challenge | Eat on a Food Stamp Budget

I'm excited to announce that I'm teaming up with two of my blogging buddies to participate in Mazon's SNAP Food Stamp Challenge this coming week, July 16th - July 22nd, 2012. Mazon issued the Food Stamp Challenge to help raise awareness for those … [Read more...]