Israeli Meatballs (Ketzitzot) Recipe

Ketzitzot Israeli Meatballs1 Israeli Meatballs (Ketzitzot) Recipe

There are some foods that my husband and I really miss from our years living in Israel.

Fresh produce. (Yup, any and all of it.)

Pita. Fresh, soft, squishy.

Falafel. No — I mean good falafel. Really good.

And ketzitzot — those rank up there, too.

If you’re unfamiliar, ketzitzot are essentially spicy meatballs. A smokey Israeli, Middle Eastern flavor erupts from every scrumptious bite.

Ketzizot seem to be something that most Israelis learn how to make in the way that Americans learn to make scrambled eggs. Which means that as an American, my eggs rock, but my spicy meatballs – not so much.

Until I tried this recipe from the very funny How to Be Israeli blog (sadly no longer active) — and we all ate in total, appreciative silence.

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  1. Dumb question…is sumac the same as zaatar?

  2. One of my favorites. My Israeli MIL taught me to make these. But I do half ground turkey and half chicken (since the turkey alone is dry) and I add cinnamon, salt and pepper. Yummy!

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