Make Your Pesach 2016 Notes NOW


This is just a quick reminder that as you're packing up your kitchen tonight, this is the best time to start your notes for NEXT YEAR'S PESACH. I make a note in either Evernote or Google docs, and then link to it in my Google calendar on next … [Read more...]

Pyrex 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set with Colored Lids – $14.97, Shipped

Pyrex Set

If you missed out on this deal, it's back - and two cents less. If you order today, you'll still have it in plenty of time before Pesach! Amazon just dropped the price on this Pyrex 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set W/Colored Lids to $14.97 (regularly … [Read more...]

Black and Decker Rotisserie Toaster Oven – $85.99, Shipped (Big Enough for a 9×11 Pyrex Pan)

Rotisserie Oven

Amazon just released a ton of great new kitchenware coupons, which will make for some great savings on pots & pans, dishes, silverware and more for your Pesach kitchen! Here are some of the best deals with these new coupons: Black and … [Read more...]

Calypso Basics Utensil Set of 4 – $6 (Down from $18)

Calypso Utensils Set

Looking for some new utensils for your Pesach kitchen? Amazon dropped the price on the Calypso Basics Utensil Set of 4 to just $6, regularly $14 - $20. Note that only the turquoise, lime and lemon colors are included at this price! The rest are … [Read more...]

Quick Money Saving Tip for Pesach ~ Find Out What Products Don’t Require a KLP Hechsher


The only thing I've bought so far for Pesach is matzah. (Ten pounds at Costco for $18 - sadly, I don't live in the land of "free after coupon" matzah.) And yet, my Pesach box in the storage room is already brimming with brand new stuff that we'll … [Read more...]

Quick Passover Money-Saving Tip | Make a Price List, With Your Friends

Passover on a Budget

With Purim officially behind us (unless you live in Jerusalem!), it's time to turn our attention to the next big "P" (aka "pey") holiday. Before you hit up the stores and start paying "Passover prices" on all your holiday staples, here is a great … [Read more...]

Saving Money for Pesach by Building Margin into the Budget from Purim

Passover on a Budget

There are as many ways to budget for yomtov as there are people celebrating. What works for my family may not work for yours - and vice versa. That's why I like sharing many different strategies - to inspire you to find the best way for your … [Read more...]

Passover on a Budget | Shop Your Pantry First

Passover on a Budget

Before you hit the stores and start paying "Passover prices" on all your holiday staples, here is a great tip that came from reader and friend, Shelley S: Last night I started to get concerned about Pesach! The cooking! The Cleaning! The expense … [Read more...]

Passover on a Budget | How to Save Year-Round

Passover on a Budget

Earlier this week, I shared my advice to carve out a separate budget for Passover within your family's March household expenses. But what if your budget doesn't have enough wiggle room to set aside an extra $200 or more this month? Instead of … [Read more...]

Passover on a Budget | What’s the Magic Number for Passover Spending?

Passover on a Budget

Step #1: Call a Meeting If you attended my budgeting webinar last week, you know that I am a firm believer in monthly budgeting meetings. I'm not talking about creating the budget from scratch every month, but rather fine-tuning it for whatever … [Read more...]