Quick Passover Money-Saving Tip | Make a Price List, With Your Friends

Passover on a Budget

With Purim officially behind us (unless you live in Jerusalem!), it’s time to turn our attention to the next big “P” (aka “pey”) holiday.

Before you hit up the stores and start paying “Passover prices” on all your holiday staples, here is a great tip that came from a KOAB reader:

Just like you make a price-book during the year, it’s helpful to have one for Passover, too. But since the “window” is so short, it can be difficult to gather all the information you need on your own. So, what I do is split up the list of local stores with a group of two or three friends. We make a list of all their prices, then pick from the least expensive ones for our staples.

What a great idea to divide up the work with like-minded, money-saving friends! Plus, once you have your price book, you can compare all the great online Passover deals I’ll be sharing.

Do you have a great money-saving tip for Pesach? Please share it with me. For more ideas for saving on Pesach,  please check out Passover on a Budget.

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