10 FREE Shavuot Coloring Pages & Crafts

10 Shavuot Crafts & Coloring Pages

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And now for your free Shavuot coloring pages and craft activities. These are perfect for your children and grandchildren.

Shavuot Coloring Pages

1. Shavuot Coloring Pages from Aish.com

Omer Counting Printable

2. Shavuot Coloring Pages from Torah Tots

Shavuos coloring pages

3. Shavuot Print & Color Pages from Chabad

Har Sinai Out of Clay

4. Shavuot Coloring Pages & Crafts from Challah Crumbs, including Build Your Own Har Sinai out of Clay


5. Children’s Ten Commandments from Joyful Jewish

Ruth Paper Dolls

6. Ruth & Boaz Paper Dollsfrom Dena Ackerman

10 commandment craft

7. Ten Commandments Posterboard Craft from Akhlah

Shavuos Activity Pack

8. Shavuos Activity Pack for Preschoolers from Our Jewish Homeschool Blog

9. Shavuot Torah Coloring Page from children’s book illustrator, Ann D. Koffsky

Tissue Paper Flowers for Shavuot

10. Tissue Paper Flowers for Shavuot from Upper West Side Mom

Check out some of my favorite Shavuot recipes

Will you be doing any special crafts or projects with your children from Shavuot? Please share in the comments! Chag Sameach!!



  1. rachel steinberg says

    thank you – I needed a quick printout to use at my afterschool baking club – for them to do while their food is in the oven – this was perfect!

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