10-Pc Glassware Sets Just $8.97, Shipped

Drinking Glasses

We go thru  a ridiculous number of glasses at my house. I tend to have to replace an entire set of eight at least once a year – so I aim to pay no more than $1 per glass.

Which means I was very excited to see this sale at Bon-Ton.

They have several 10-piece glassware sets marked down to just $8.97. I love these the sets are either all tall or all short, which is perfect, since we only ever need the water glasses.

Plus, you can get FREE shipping when you use the code FREESHIP at checkout. Score!

Typically a set of 8 glasses sells for $20 and up, so to find them for $10 is a steal. A 10-pack for $9 is crazy good!



  1. I have these exact glasses. Love them. They don’t break easily.

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