1st Kosher on a Budget Reader Survey ~ I Need Your Input! (+ $10 Gift Card Giveaway)

This post is STICKY, which means it is going to be the first post you see on the blog until next Sunday night. I apologize for any inconvenience – I just want to make sure as many of you see it as possible. Please scroll down for the most recent posts.

I need your help! ALL of you!

I have put together a reader survey for all Kosher on a Budget readers because I want to learn how to better help you live fruitfully… without multiplying your budget!

The anonymous results of this survey will be instrumental in helping me to determine content, features, special series, store match-ups… and pretty much everything else you see on this blog.

I’ll still be writing from the heart – don’t worry! But I want to know what you WANT as well, so that Kosher on a Budget can be as relevant as possible.

All questions are “optional” so even if I didn’t give you a “I’d rather not say” option, you can skip over a particular question if you’d rather not answer. That said, the more complete your survey, the more helpful it is to me in moving forward.

After you submit your reader survey, please come back to this post and leave a comment that you have done so. After the survey closes next SundayΒ  night, I will be randomly picking one commenter to win a $10 gift card to Target, CVS, or Amazon – winner’s choice!

Visit the Kosher on a Budget survey and fill it out for me today.Β  It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Thank you so much ~ I appreciate all of you!


  1. All done! We LOVE you. Don’t change too much!

  2. Great work, Mara. I completed the survey. Thanks for listening.

  3. TP in Houston says

    Keep it up Mara! Great survey!

  4. bratschegirl says

    Finished the survey (I think… never got a “finished” page as usual with Survey Monkey)

  5. Thanks for your dedication and hard work!

  6. Completed the survey Mara
    keep up the great work!

  7. Completed the survey! Thanks, Mara! Hope I win!

  8. Great idea to do a survey! I jut completed it.

  9. i’ve completed the survey. thanks for all that you (and your supportive family) put into this. wishing you continued success.

  10. Filled in the survey!

  11. Complete!

  12. Done πŸ™‚

  13. Done…thanks for everything you do!

  14. Just finished the survey. There was no submit button at the end. Was there supposed to be?

  15. Finished the survey

  16. i filled out the survey. thanks for a great site

  17. Chani Czeladnicki says

    Just completed the survey

  18. Carolyn Kraus says

    Just completed the survey. Hope my answers will help you.

  19. Hava Freidenreich says

    I did the survey. thanks!

  20. I just filled out the survey – thanks πŸ™‚

  21. Filled out your survey. Good luck!

  22. Done and done!

  23. Did the survey! Thanks!

  24. Done!

  25. Hope my survey answers will be helpful, but I love your site as is already!

  26. I took the survey

  27. Filled out the survey!

  28. Completed.

  29. Done!

  30. i like tht you are always adding some new to this site

  31. Took the survey (I’m guessing you’ll be able to identify mine, but it’s ok if you can’t).

  32. Did it! Easiest survey ever πŸ™‚ hope i win but seeing that there’s plenty of comments here, im not the only one!

  33. Keep up the good work!

  34. Lauren Gerofsky says

    Just completed your survey, and it has caused me to think more about what I am taking away from your blog. Looking forward to more interesting reads, thanks πŸ™‚

  35. Lisa Lugassy says

    Finished the survey – looking forward to reading what you learn!!

  36. Took the survey!

  37. Survey done πŸ™‚

  38. Done!

  39. Great blog, very helpful! Filled out the survey!

  40. Survey submitted.
    I would like a Target or CVS gift card, please.

  41. Rebecca Starr says

    Did the survey! Hope it helps! Target or CVS!

  42. completed the survey! keep doing what you’re doing, it’s great!!

  43. Love the blog!

  44. Hope the results are helpful!

  45. Did the survey, plz send gift card. Thanx

  46. Survey done πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great blog!

  47. Done!

  48. I read, I answered, I commented. Done!

  49. Done!

  50. I filled out the survey. Love your blog! Thanks!