2 Boxes of Checks Just $4.50 – Offer Extended Thru June 30!

Yay!! 4checks.com‘s amazing deal right on check printing has been extended through the end of June (or while supplies last, so I’d jump on this now). If you didn’t get a chance to grab the deal when I posted about it last month, now’s your chance.

New customers can get 2 boxes of checks (200 total checks!) plus FREE shipping for just $4.05 when they use the code DE0378 at checkout. Two boxes are normally $31.90 – so this is a huge savings!

If you prefer duplicate checks, it’s just a dollar more – $5.05 (retail value: $35.90).

Here’s how to get the deal:

  • Select the style of checks you want
  • Create your checks and add to cart
  • Be careful not to select any of the extras (unless you want the duplicate checks)
  • Enter the coupon code DE0378
  • On the page where you enter the coupon code, select “no” twice (2x) to the EZShield Fraud Protection option
  • Finally, select the option for free shipping

I bought these checks a few months ago – in fact, I selected the design above and just upgraded to duplicate checks. I have been SO pleased. Not only is the quality great, but I can’t believe I used to pay 3 times that for just one box of checks from my bank.

The site was loading veeeerrrrry slowly for me just now when I checked it, but all the links are there, so hopefully you won’t have any problems.

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  1. thanks!

    We needed checks (we never use them, maybe a few times a year!) and our bank charges a LOT for them!

  2. So what do you do when you need checks a second time? The $35 full retail price is not such a great deal. I bought from them a few years ago, so I’m not a new customer.

    • I’m not sure where this falls on the bargain ethics scale, but if it’s customer not address that has to be new, I’d probably ask my husband to sign up for an account. 😉

  3. We just ordered them for our new joint account! As for what to do for the next round of checks, I’d wait for the next deal… these pop up pretty often! In my mind, it’s like not being brand-loyal. An example: I was happy enough with a prescription at the local Walgreens, but when Target had a coupon for a $10 gift card when you moved a prescription there, I moved that prescription! A few months passed, and I got a catalina from Jewel offering a $25 gift card when you move a prescription there. Presto — made the move, got the gift card, and this week’s produce (and more) was free to me!

  4. What an amazing deal! We just moved and were pushing off getting checks with our new address, but this was just the motivation I needed to get moving–and I saved money. Thanks, Mara!

  5. Gregory Titievsky says

    Got the checks, but the order was messed up – I got 1 box of checks, then, 3-4 weeks later got 3 boxes of checks: 1 box with check numbers being same as in the first shipment, box# 2 with continuation of check numbers (i.e. what I needed), and the third containing NOT MY CHECKS! I’ll email the company regarding this incident, but I’ll keep this in mind next time I order the checks.

    • Oy what a mess, Gregory! I can’t believe you got someone else’s checks! What a security breach. Let me know what they say – I’ve always been so pleased with this company and have had many happy readers, too. But this is definitely not a good report. 🙁

      • We received only 1 of the 2 boxes of checks from our order. I sure hope nobody else has received the other half! That’s kind of scary. I called customer service and they said the rest of the checks could come any time before August 5 and to call back if we still don’t have them by then. Hmm.

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