3.5-Oz Wine Glasses (Perfect for your seder!)

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Two years ago, I bought a bunch of “smaller” wine glasses. At first, I thought they would just be for the kids at our seder. I figured they didn’t need 8 oz or more of wine / juice (times 4!).

But then I realized that most of us can’t really get through four big glasses of red wine (we’re light weights!), so I started using them for everyone.

Everyone at the table should have their own wine cup that holds a revi’it. There are differing opinions about exactly how much a revi’it is. Rabbi Mosher Feinstein held that a revi’it is a minimum of 98cc (3.3 oz.). According to the Chaszon Ish, a revi’it is a minimum of 150cc (5.1 oz.) This post features glasses that are 3.5 – 4 oz.

If you’re looking to “downsize” your wine glasses, I found some affordable options at Amazon.

BTGLLAS 120ML 4 Ounce – Set of 12 Classic Red Wine Glasses — $25.99 (or a 6-pack of glasses is $14.99)

Valeways 3.5oz Glasses, Set of 6 — $15.69

Elsjoy Set of 6 Embossed Cordial Glasses, 3.5 Oz — $22.99

Lexington Mini Wine Tasting Glasses 3.5 oz. Set of 12 in Blue, Red, or Clear — $36.99

And if you prefer disposables, I’ve found an option for you, too!

4oz Gold Rim Wine Glasses, 30-Ct – $13.99

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