30 Day Shred Challenge

Not to be a cliche or anything, but it’s January 1st and I’m getting back on the exercise wagon.

I was doing great, but then I hurt my back and was forced to take a one-month break. Which turned into an almost two-month break. And you guys know how hard it is to eat well when you’re not working out, right?

Excuses exshmuses.

It’s January 1st and I’m kicking off the last 30 pounds of my weight loss goal with a 30 Day Shred Challenge.

Jillian is how I jump-started my weight loss in the first place last July and I know she’ll work (aka kick my tush) again in January.

I’m telling you all this because I need some accountability.

And if you have some weight to lose, joining me may keep you accountable, too!

For those that join the 30 Day Shred Challenge, I will check in on the blog and/or via email once a week and you can feel free to post to Facebook or shoot me an email anytime you want some motivation. You can also hang out with us “ShredHeads” on Twitter, using the hashtag #KOAB30DayShred.

The 30 Day Shred DVD is available from most public libraries, you can watch sections of it on YouTube, or you can buy the DVD or download it from Amazon for just $6.87 (see More Buying Choices on the right).

Who’s with me???

Just fill in this form with your name and information – I’m the only one that will be able to see your responses.

30 Day Shred Challenge

Do you have weight or inches to lose? Do you want to get in better shape? Do you need some motivation, accountability and camaraderie to reach your goals?

Sign up for the 30 Day KOAB Challenge!

  • I promise I won't spam you or sign you up for anything you don't want. This is just so I can stay in touch with the fellow challengers. If you'd rather not hear from me, just don't fill in your email. (Note: Only those who share their email with me upon signing up for the 30 Day Challenge may be entered to win the special giveaway I am planning.)
  • If you don't have a Twitter account or don't want me to tweet "at" you, just leave this blank.
    The only person that will hold you accountable to this commitment is YOU. But declaring your intentions aloud (or on a form on the Internet 😉 is an important first step toward reaching your goal!

I might even have some special giveaways up my sleeve for those who participate. 😉

Happy 2013! May it be a year of success, happiness, and rock hard abs for all of us!


  1. I’ve been doing level 3 now every other week for about 2 months. I also do her ab reduction the other week.

  2. Awwww….I know I really should try this, and I do so find groups motivating…I’m gonna think it over for a day. I find it so hard to exercise in our dark, gloomy winter. This might really get me going. I’m running about 3 times a week right now, but I need to ramp up my game. Thanks for the opportunity; it’s a great idea. BTW, I’ve found that strengthening my abs really helps with the back.

  3. Ok, put it on hold at the library, as soon as I get it I’m so in!!

  4. Well I’ve done it. Committed myself for 3 days. What have I done???? No it’s okay, really need to get into shape and hate the gym. Hope this motivates me. Bring it on.

  5. I was putting this off till the kids go back to school, but they’d been so quiet, watching movies or something in the basement, that I thought What the heck, and started. I hadn’t made it half-way through the first warm-up exercise when they came upstairs and started demanding my attention. Sigh… Next week it is, then.

  6. I’m out of town until 1/8, but I am starting the 9th! I am so excited, and I need the motivation like woahhhh!

  7. I’m in. I just did Level 1 from YouTube.

    I started, thinking I’d try for at least half and I made it through. If you count modifications and perhaps 1 or 2 little micro rests. My tush (and lungs) are officially kicked.

    Thanks for the link and the encouragement.

  8. I have another workout DVD that I’ve never touched. Not sure how long each workout on that video is. Since you’ll be putting that group pressure on, I figured I may as well try this. Especially at only 20 minutes (yeah, I’ve since found out level one is technically 27 minutes if you count all of the warm up and chattiness), I could do that just three times a week.

    I did level one yesterday. Well, I *almost* did all of level one yesterday. I was doing the “cheats” like the girl on the right. At about 14 minutes, I started getting muscle fatigue to where I could barely lift my legs for the butt-kicks (I think was where it was). How is that possible, I thought?! I can run 5K in about 28 minutes. That takes stamina. Who knew that there are different kinds of stamina?! When I hit the pushups at around the 17 minute mark, I was done. Yep, I hurled. (An after-action assessment with my trainer/nurse/military-officer friend says that it was probably heat cramps; not too serious. Go me!! 😛 ) So, now I’ve officially exercised until I puked. Woo hoo. I discussed with my friend maybe taking today off; she agreed that a recovery day might be in order — but not necessarily neccessary.

    Plan is to do it again today!! And make it all the way through!!

  9. Did it!

    Can I die now?? 😀

    • Yay you! It will get easier. By about day 6, you’ll be cruising thru Level 1. (Then you’ll be ready to up to Level 2 and which point – waaaahhhhhh all over again 😉

  10. Finally got access to the program – did level 1. I’m so unfit. But I did it. What a workout. Felt good afterwards. Thanks.

  11. michelle geil says

    Ok, new year, new body tune-up, yay! After all those holiday goodies, chasing the cat around the house isn’t enough exercise anymore (for me and the cat!) Kickin’ it up a notch starting tonight, will keep you all posted. BTW, does anyone have ideas for how to keep a smart indoor kitty on his toes? Toys/bird videos/etc.? Thanks!

  12. I just joined (hope it’s not too late). Part of what took me so long was that I wouldn’t be able to start until Sunday (have to go out and buy a DVD player), but I figured I would just do an extra week. I really hope I end up sticking with the whole month for whatever reason I am afraid that I won’t. All I can do is try my best and make sure to set aside the time to do it. I am actually even thinking of starting a twitter account just so that can help me stay motivated.

    • The Twitter group is definitely nice – if you join us, be sure to look for and use the hashtag #KOAB30DayShred. There are about 20 or 25 of us on Twitter!

      If you have a laptop, you can watch the youtube videos from there – no need to get the DVD player. 🙂

  13. Did it again today, About 10 minutes in, you tube froze-I’ve never been so happy to have technical difficulties ; – )

    Got it working again and did the rest. Tush kicked once again.

  14. Did my day 2 today – YouTube froze a third of the way through for me (Debby lol) but that was ok as my 3 teenage girls were making fun of me.

  15. I thought I was in decent shape just need lots of toning after having a baby (21m ago). But man was I wrong, she kicked my but last night. I am still sore this morning. Definitely going to keep this one up. Trying to do her video at least 2 days a week and then do 1 day of just cardio on my elliptical. Thanks for the motivitation!

  16. michelle geil says

    Yay, Day 1, Level 1 accomplished! Feeling it today, yikes. Glad it’s only 27 min. the first round on YouTube (-; Onward, and good luck to everyone else out there feeling the burn with me!

  17. Yay! Got my library copy yesterday, signed up with my email/twitter, excited to start part-time for now and then full-time when I finish my temp job in two weeks!

  18. michelle geil says

    Hi again, all. I must have removed myself from the email messages…hope you’re all doing great with the workouts! I’ve done 6 of Level 1 (including one by memory, since DH was online at the time I was most motivated to workout). Cold weather and life misc. got in the way for a few days last week, but I’m rarin’ to get back to it. Some days it’s easier, some not. Too soon for a steady progression, but it feels good (-: Fill me in, thanks!

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