3000 Facebook Fans! $50 Vitacost Gift Card Giveaway

Hooray! Kosher on a Budget has hit 3,000 fans on Facebook.

What a huge honor. I’m so grateful that so many of you have joined me on Facebook! We have a lot of fun, don’t we?!

To celebrate, I am giving away a $50 Gift Card to Vitacost.

You have heard me sing the praises of Vitacost before. I love them. They have great prices on kosher, organic and gluten-free foods, as well as all-natural beauty products. Plus, they offer free shipping when you spend over $49, and give you that awesome $10 credit for signing up – and for referring your friends.

I love Vitacost so much, I want to share it with one lucky reader. Whether you’re new to Vitacost or a long-time customer, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of goodies to splurge on with your $50!

Here’s how to enter this celebratory giveaway.

Required entry: Leave a comment, any comment on this post. Tell me how your Pesach has been, what your favorite deal is from KOAB, really, anything you want.

Extra entry: Like Kosher on a Budget on Facebook. Then leave a second comment, letting me know you did so. If you’re already a fan on Facebook, leave me a comment telling me when you joined the Facebook party!

Extra entry: Subscribe to the Kosher on a Budget Email Newsletter. It’s a once daily summary of all the posts from the past 24 hours. Don’t worry: I promise never to spam or sell your address! Leave a comment once you have done so – or if you’re already a subscriber, leave me a comment letting me know that.

This giveaway will be open until Tuesday, April 17th at midnight. The winner will be notified immediately and will have 48 hours to respond. Good luck!


  1. I “liked” you on FB when you had the like contest, and i’m so glad i did. i love getting your posts in my news feed.

  2. i’m already an email subscriber.

  3. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Thanks for all of the great info you share on Kosher on a Budget. I’ve learned a lot!

  4. And since I’m a KOAB groupie I of course follow you on Facebook and get your email updates.

  5. liked on facebook- been a fan for a while, i think it was when you just started

  6. subscribe to newsletter

  7. I can’t believe Pesach is almost over! Where has the time gone?

  8. pesach has been great

  9. I’m a fb fan.

  10. And I get your emails too.

  11. love ur site- i always look forward to reading whatever you post-

  12. I’m a fan of your page from a couple of months ago

  13. YEAH for 3000 fans. I remember when we (okay you) were working on much less than that!

  14. Of course, already subscribed on FB

  15. Don’t subscribe via email, but do have KOAB on my RSS feed. Does that count? It is easier for me.

  16. pesach has been great!

  17. Mazel Tov on 3000 fans. You deserve it! Hag Sameach!

  18. I like you on FB.

  19. I get the daily e-mails.

  20. Our Pesach has been lovely, but way too short. I cannot beleive we are wrapping up already. I have had a lot of fun making new Pesach desserts and am excited to serve my creamy hazelnut torrino tonight.

  21. I have been a KOAB fan since almost the very beginning. Love lvoe lvoe following you!

  22. I am already subscribed to your newsletter. I read it on my bus ride home from the city every night just to be certain I am not missing a deal.

  23. I love how quickly my kids figured out to lick the cream cheese off the matza and then chuck it off their high chair trays

  24. Celia Husmann says

    This has been a memorable Pesach, my grandfather passed away on Thursday before the holiday began. πŸ™ But all of us were together as a family. My favorite deal was introduction to Cara Mels. I purchased them for Purim and everyone loved them!

  25. Congratulations and have a great second days!

  26. I’m already a KOAB e-mail subscriber.

  27. And I’m already a KOAB…uh…liker? πŸ™‚

  28. Shoshana zacks Moskowitz says

    Love coupon deals from Kosher on a Budget, especially the target ones!

  29. Shoshana zacks Moskowitz says

    Already joined the Facebook party!

  30. adinae1212 says

    Mara- I love so many of the things you share. I know its pesach, but my bread machine deal (cant wait to use it again) is the best!!

  31. adinae1212 says

    Ive been a FB fan since the beginning!!

  32. adinae1212 says

    Ive gotten your emails since the beginning!!!

  33. This is my favorite blog! You are awesome! I tell everyone about you !

  34. That’s a nice giveaway! I would appreciate winning:)

  35. I am a facebook fan

  36. I am an email subscriber

  37. Sheryl Meler says

    Just found you before Purim, and I’m already a big fan! Mazel Tov on your status of > 3000 “likes”., and still increasing. !

  38. KOAB letting me know about what great deals are out there is like having a good friend always watching my (budget)

  39. Already a subscriber πŸ™‚

  40. Kathy robinson says

    Thanks for the chance to win. I already receive your email.

  41. My Pesach has been fine – cannot wait until we’re done, though!

  42. I’m a FB fan πŸ™‚

  43. I am an email subscriber – I LOVE getting a recap of all the deals!

  44. Deanna G. says

    Congrats on 3,000 fans! πŸ™‚

  45. Deanna G. says

    I like Kosher on a Budget on Facebook. (Deanna Cali)

  46. Deanna G. says

    I subscribe by email.

  47. I love KOAB! I’m also a facebook fan and subscribe to your newsletter. Thanks so much for doing what you do!

  48. Enjoy your newsletter so much! Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips, and the wonderful family pictures

  49. Just Joined the 3,022 other facebooks fans (and counting…) who like you!

  50. Already get your awesome email newsletter, and always smile while reading it, thanks!