31 Days of Decluttering Reader Share: Front Door Hallway Table in 20 Minutes

Are you decluttering your home, too? I’d love to be able to share your success story with other KOAB readers! Please consider submitting the before & after pictures of your decluttering project — you can do so HERE.

photo 1

KOAB reader Jen decided to share with us the amazing decluttering job she did on her front door hallway table!

You can see in the photo above what the table looked like before she went to work. Here’s what she said she did:

It only took me about 20 minutes. The table near my front door had become an automatic collection pile for just about everything. I went through tons of old mail to throw out, kids books to re-shelve, old shoes to collect to be donated to others, and my husband’s random supplies that were put in a box to go elsewhere.

And here’s what it looked like after she was finished! Great job, Jen! Thank you for sharing your progress with the rest of us.

photo 2

Are you joining in with me on this 31 Days of Decluttering challenge? I’d love to hear from you! (In fact, I was sad because yesterday’s post didn’t get any comments!) So, if you’re with me, let me know: What did you declutter today?

31 Days of Decluttering

Do you, too, feel the need to get a better handle on the stuff in your house? Join me for the 31 Days of Decluttering challenge! Maybe you’re willing to take on one project a day (remember: small ones count!). Perhaps you’d rather pick four problem areas, and give yourself a week to work on each one. Maybe you just want to tackle your basement for once and for all. It’s all good! Everyone is welcome to join.

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  1. I am following & enjoying. I’ve been inspired to give some attention to spots that attract clutter but I haven’t committed to the 31 day challenge…

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