JOIN US for the 5-Day Hotspot Challenge {CLEAR THAT CLUTTER}


Everybody’s got them! They’re those intractable places in our homes, where the clutter piles up, no matter what we do.

Even Type “A” Monica in Friends has them!

(Remember this scene???)

I don’t know about you, but HOTSPOTS can seriously undermine my mood, my productivity, and my motivation to do other things. It’s like I see that pile of clutter and it instantly zaps all my energy.

Hotspots also have a way of undermining my budget. How often have I bought something, only to discover that I already had it – it was just shoved to the back of a cabinet, or buried underneath a pile of JUNK on the dining room table.

Let’s make January / Shvat the month that we tackle these hotspots for once and for all!

Every morning, I will send you an email with our HOTSPOT CHALLENGE for the day.

Each afternoon, I will send you an update email (and maybe even do a Facebook Live) with my (hopeful) successes.

I am also putting together a daily checklist of chores for you, to make sure that we maintain all our hard work and don’t let those hotspots sprout up again.

(It’s taken me four decades, but I’ve finally realized that DAILY MAINTENANCE really is the key!)

Do you want to join us? Just click here or sign up below with your name and email address and I’ll be sure to include you in my daily emails.

**Note: This challenge isn’t about decluttering your entire home from top to bottom – although that’s an awesome thing to do, too. Rather, this is going to be about fixing target areas for maximum impact.

In 5-short days we’re going to eliminate our hotspots! If you’ve got 15-30 minutes a day, you can take back control!

I want you to get quick WINS in your home – like the story I shared about my dining room table, which I tackled and solved last week… and have been maintaining in less than 60 seconds a day ever since!

We could all use a little extra accountability to GET ‘ER DONE, so I really hope you’ll join me!


  1. Hi, please sign me up! Looking forward to this, I can really use it 😉

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