5 Ways the Costco vs. BJs Price Cheatsheet Saves You Money

Have you downloaded the BJs vs. Costco Price Cheatsheet yet?

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Now, you may be wondering how this awesome (if I do say so myself 😉 ) list is going to help you save money. Wonder no longer!

5 Ways the Costco vs. BJs Price Cheatsheet Saves You Money

#1. Decide which store to get a membership at

If you are trying to decide which warehouse store is worth it for you to join, this cheatsheet is a great place to start! If you’re going to lay out $50 or $100 for a membership, you want to be sure it’s worth it!

*Note that this cheatsheet compares BJs to Costco because, according to Google analytics, 75% of KOAB readers live within driving distance of both stores. If you don’t live near one or the other, this cheatsheet can still be beneficial to you. Let’s say you’re debating between Sam’s Club and Costco — grab some prices at Sam’s Club on the items on this list to do your local comparison.

#2. Decide if a membership is worth it to you at all

Now that you know the prices at the warehouse stores, you can compare them to your local grocery stores. Maybe those stores’ prices are 5% or 10% more, but is it enough of a difference to justify spending $50 – $100 per year on the membership?

When doing these calculations, remember, too, how easy it is to go into Costco for three or four things…and walk out with a $200 bill!

#3. Calculate whether Subscribe & Save items are a good value for you

I can’t tell you how often I post a Subscribe & Save deal and get emails asking me how this price compares to Costco. Or BJs. Or Target. When possible, I share comparative price data and historical price data. But it’s so useful for you to have your OWN price book — especially if you are finding subscription deals beyond the ones I post on KOAB.

Also, keep in mind that it may still be worth it to you to order from Subscribe & Save even if the per-unit price is a bit higher than at Costco or BJs. Perhaps that order would be your 5th subscription item, so you’ll be saving 15% off all your orders. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this video!)

#4. Create a baseline for your “buy now” prices

Long term readers know that I use the term “buy now price” a lot. A buy now price is the lowest discount you will historically be able to get on a particular item. So when toilet paper, or chicken breasts, or anything else on your list hits your “buy now” price, it’s time to not just buy, but stock up.

The only way to determine your buy now prices is by keeping a price book. This is an essential money-saving strategy for any savvy shopper — and one of the lessons that I teach in detail in my online course, the Kosher Grocery Academy.

While you are working on getting your price book up and running, my Costco vs. BJs cheatsheet is a great baseline for you.  

#5. Help you appreciate the true cost of the items you’re buying

One of the dangers of shopping at a warehouse store is that everything is SO big and comes in SUCH big quantities, that it’s hard to really keep track of the true cost of things.

Let’s say you pick up a box of ziplock bags at your grocery store. They cost $2, which seems about right to you. The next time you’re at Costco, you look at their ziplock bags. But they come in a HUGE box, with four super size boxes inside, which have who knows how many ziplocks!

The overwhelming size disturbs your sense of proportionality. Is $10 for that whole box a good deal, a great deal, or not a deal at all? This is why the far right column on the Costco vs. BJs Cheatsheet is so important to you! It breaks down the price of products to their per unit cost, so that you can accurately compare prices at different stores. As I said before, price books are one of the foundational shopping strategies that I teach in my online course, The Kosher Grocery Academy.

I launched this six-week course for the first time back in March and 83 of you enrolled. I had thought I’d cap it at 75, but I didn’t want to turn anyone away!

Debbie was one of my first students and she sent me an email about her experience a few weeks ago. With her permission, I am sharing part of it with you:

I feel way more organized and in charge of my shopping. The month before KGA, I had spent almost $1800 on groceries. The month after, I spent $950. You promised me a 30% savings, but I actually cut my bill nearly in half. I am thrilled! — Debbie R, Houston, TX

On July 23rd, the second Kosher Grocery Academy group will begin. When you sign up for the Kosher Grocery Academy waiting list, you will get an email from me the moment doors open for enrollment, so you don’t miss out!


  1. Did you know that even though all your subscribe and save items sip together, they are charged to your payment method one at a time. I hate this and am thinking about cancelling my s&s items, because more than once something came through my account that I wasn’t expecting and I had multiple bounced check charges instead of just one…because of the way Amazon posts the charges. I hate it

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