$50 at Jack’s Gourmet for $30 (Jewpon National Deal)

Check out the deal-a-day site Jewpon‘s side deal today: Get $50 to spend on scrumptious meat at Jack’s Gourmet online for just $30.

I love when I can save 40% on kosher meat, don’t you?! And would you look at that pastrami?!

Now, let me tell you: I had a Romanian sausage this summer when I was in Chicago. That was some good sausage. So now I’m gonna try a Jack’s Gourmet sausage, which the Twitter people have been talking about for a loong time (and making me kind of jealous, frankly).

Yes, that’s right: I’m gonna taste-test some meat as part of my fiduciary duty to my readers. Uh huh, that’s what it is. Fiduciary duty.

Shipping is not included in this deal, but it looks to be fairly reasonable (about $6 – $10 for most of the locations I checked). But not if you live in LA. Then it’s outrageously expensive and you should probably forgo this deal. Unless you know someone at FedEx.

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  1. if anyone lives in LA and is interested in this deal, then perhaps they dont know about Jeff’s, the local delicious sausage factory. my husband brings back packages whenever he is out there for business.

  2. Elanit, you beat me to it! Mara, I was just coming to offer to take you to Jeff’s if you’re ever in LA. The full name is Jeff’s Kosher Gourmet Sausages.

  3. they had a Jacks at Kosherfest last year. sooooo good!

  4. Okay, Jeff’s it is! Add that to my “duty” 😉

    Suri – and he will be again this year. Mmmmmm!

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