Plastic Jungle | $50 Lands End Gift Card for $45

A reader named Izzy (hi, Izzy!) sent me an email a while back asking about discounted gift cards.

I didn’t know, so I asked around among my frugal blogging buddies. One name kept coming up: Plastic Jungle.

Plastic Jungle is a secured gift card exchange. You can buy, sell, exchange, and even donate gift cards. With their selection of discounted gift card inventory, you can buy gift cards at a savings of up to 35% – or sell off gift cards you don’t plan to use, earning up to 92%.

All gift card transactions on Plastic Jungle are guaranteed, plus there are no additional fees nor expiration dates. And shipping is always free.

I signed up for Plastic Jungle and just got a notice that today only, they are offering a special 10% off on Lands End Gift Cards. I know many of you love LE as much as I do, so I wanted to share the details!

Get a $50 Electronics Lands End Gift Card for $45 or a $100 Electronics Gift Card for $90

Get a $50 Lands End Gift Card (also good at Sears and KMart) for $45, or a $100 Gift Card for $90

Plastic Jungle also has availability on The Gap Gift Cards (7% off),  Home Depot (7% off), Kohl’s Gift Cards (12% off) and others.

Have you ever bought or sold gift cards? Seems like a great way to save a bit more on planned expenses.

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  1. Isadora Yazdi says

    Thanks Mara much appreciated. Happy Channukah!

  2. This is interesting. Do you know how they handle returns? I often order and then return to Lands End for a full refund to my credit card. I wonder what would happen with a gift card? I’m not sure I will take the risk since eBates gives me a 6% discount… But thanks for sharing.

    • If you purchase using a gift card you can still shop through shopathome or ebates. Returns are usually given back the way you paid, so if you purchase with a gift card, you will get a gift card back.

      • Exactly! Thanks for answering while I was away! (Lesley should really start a blog, doncha think? She’s so smart about this stuff!)

    • Ditto Leslie. LE will give you a new card with the amount on it. They might also hand you cash – as has happened to me once before (not with a Plastic Jungle gift card, but that shouldn’t matter).

      And you know I *heart* my cash-back.. I wouldn’t give that up for anythin’! 😉

  3. I’ve sold through Plastic Jungle! Very easy, and I was able to trade three gift cards that I wasn’t using (and which were sitting in my desk drawer for YEARS) for enough Amazon credit to get my Kindle for free!!!

    • Caroline,
      Do you know how long it takes to get a gift card once you purchase it?

      • They send it regular mail, so I think it’s 3-5 biz days, but I’ll check with my contact there to confirm that. Unless of course it’s an ecard, and then you get it immediately!

        • Thanks! If you can let me know that would be great. I always get our babysitter a giftcard for Christmas and if I can get it at a discount that would be even better 🙂

      • I sold cards, so I wasn’t on the buying end, but this was my experience: I had to mail the physical cards to plastic jungle.they received the cards and then processed my payment and sent me the code for my amazon credit (which I selected instead of cash). The whole process took about a week.

        If you are interested in selling cards, I will tell you that plastic jungle paid me about 70% of the cards’ value, and since a) I didn’t buy these cards and wasn’t out the money, and b) they were sitting in a drawer doing nothing for me,

    • Super Thrifty Caroline, I’m gonna call you from now on! Yay for a FREE Kindle! 🙂

  4. Thanks!! Literally just made an order today, called Lands’ End customer service and was told I can apply the giftcards to my already processed order (so I didn’t lose the 40% off sale they had this weekend!) Love Lands’ End! Love Plastic Jungle! Love, love, love KOAB!!!

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