50% Off North Face Gloves from Nordstrom

Do you or your husband need a new pair of gloves? Nordstrom has a number of pairs of NorthFace gloves marked down 50% off. No coupon codes required; the prices listed below are the after-sale price.

NorthFace Gloves  NorthFace Gloves

‘TKA 100’ Gloves in Black or Cosmic Blue – $11.98

North Face gloves

‘eTip’ Gloves – $22.49

NorthFace Gloves

‘Canyonwall’ Etip Gloves – $19.98

NorthFace Gloves

‘Denali’ E-Tip Gloves – $14.98

North Face Gloves

‘Sierra Park’ E-Tip Gloves (Men) – $29.98

NorthFace Gloves

ThermoBall E-Tip Gloves – $24.98

NorthFace Gloves

‘eTip Apex’ Waterproof ClimateBlock Gloves – $22.49

NorthFace Gloves

‘TriClimate® E-Tip’ Tech Gloves – $44.98

Remember: Since you’re ordering from Nordstrom, shipping is FREE. And if you should need to make a return, it’s FREE, too — either thru the mail, or in the store. So if you’re concerned about ordering online because of sizing, you don’t have to be!

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