6th Annual Torah Homeschool Conference on May 25 in Englewood, NJ

Jewish Homeschool Conference

Interested in homeschooling? Want to find out more about how it works for Jewish families? Or how to incorporate high-level limudei kodesh into your daily schedule?

The sixth annual Torah Home Education Conference — the only conference especially for Jewish homeschoolers — will be held on Sunday, May 25th from 9 am – 6 pm, at the Moriah School in Englewood, NJ.

The conference offers a full-day of workshops, keynote speeches and panel discussions from leading Jewish homeschool experts. Participants can choose from the sessions that best fit their family’s needs, including:

  • Creating a preschool curriculum
  • Getting your homeschooled child into college, yeshiva or seminary
  • Educating a child with special needs
  • Teaching Chumash and Gemara
  • Creating an abundant homeschool life
  • Educating multiple children with varying curriculums

Jewish Homeschool Conference_Breakout sessions

In addition, attendees can meet and bond with other homeschooling families — learning and getting encouragement from each other.

The annual Torah Home Education Conference is the highlight of my homeschooling year!  The chizzuk (encouragement) that I receive recharges my batteries to enthusiastically begin planning my family’s homeschooling adventure for the following year…and what an adventure it is!

– Debbie Cohen, Monsey (Past Conference Attendee)

Over one hundred families from across the United States and Canada, and spanning the Orthodox Jewish community, will be attending the conference — triple them number from the first conference just six years ago.

Some will be seasoned homeschoolers while others will be experiencing their first forays into home education. Now widely considered a viable option in the Jewish community, homeschooling can appeals to parents for a variety of reasons.

Jewish Homeschool Conference _ Keynote

Some Jewish homeschoolers cite the cohesiveness of the family, while others want to give their children the opportunity to learn based on their interests; some prefer to direct their child’s education more explicitly than they would be able if their child attended day school, while others begin homeschooling because they want to live unencumbered by debt or the financial inquiries required when asking for a scholarship from a school.

You can register for the Torah Home Education Conference HERE or contact conference organizer Yael Aldrich at torahhomeed@gmail.com.

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