Blog Coaching with Mara Strom

blog coaching

Are you thinking about starting your own blog?

Do you want to grow and better engage your audience via social media?

Are you trying to decide which platform is right for you: WordPress or Blogger?

Are wondering if it’s worth it to buy your own URL? Do you find the buzz about self-hosting confusing?

Do you want to take your blog from hobby to business? Do you need advice about strategic monetization?

I often hear from readers who are wondering how to start blogging or how to take their blog to the next level.

While there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to these questions, I would be honored to share with you what I have learned about building a blog from the ground up, growing a strong social media community, and yes, earning a full-time income from blogging.

I’ll take a look at your blog (or your blog idea) and help you put a plan into action to maximize your exposure. If earning money from your blog is important to you, I’ll help you to implement tried-and-true monetization strategies.

What I Charge

I charge $75 for a one-hour Skype call or $200 for a package of three hours.

If you choose the three-hour package, I recommend that we spread these hours out over at least four weeks, so that you have plenty of time to work on implementing the actionable steps you learn about in our calls.

Be sure to come to our call prepared with specific questions so you can get the most out of our time together.

Let’s Get Started

Whether you just want an hour to pick my brain, or you need three hours for in-depth coaching, please fill out this form so that we can get started.

I’ll get back to you shortly to set up our call. I can’t wait to help you with your blog!

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