Albee Baby: Huge Savings on Britax Car Seats

I’m pretty obsessive about keeping my kids in the safest seat possible for the longest time possible. So my very tall 7-year old is still in a full booster, and my 55-lb 5-year old is in a five-point harness seat. My 19-month old is a complete peanut, so she’ll probably be rear facing until it’s time for her to get her driver’s license.

Okay, I jest. Sort of.

Fortunately, we got a bucket seat for her that is rated to 32 lbs, so it looks like I’m good on that for quite some time. When it’s time for her to forward face, though, one of my top choices is definitely a Britax seat. Britax convertible seats are the #1 rated by Consumer Reports, Baby Bargains and most of the moms that I know.

Of course, #1 car seats usually come with steep price tags. Which is why I have learned that car seats — just like groceries — have a sale cycle. And we’re in the middle of a Britax sale cycle right now!

While you can find Britax up to 20% off at Amazon, the very best deals are at Albee Baby. They have a number of Marathons and Boulevards to choose from — both of which are rated up to 65 pounds for forward-facing, which means you should be able to keep even your bigger kiddos safe and snug for a good long while.

The biggest bargain right now is the Britax Boulevard in Moonstone, which is on sale for $189.99, normally $329.99 — a savings of 42%.

I know $190 is not CHEAP, but it is a good deal – and if you can afford it, it’s a bargain!

(Look for a post next week on how I save on baby gear and paraphernalia. Hint: I see good carseats like a good cut of kosher meat – i.e. I scrimp on the other stuff so I can afford the best of what I value the most.)


  1. I like their seats but they are far too wide to let three people (one infant seat rear facing, one front facing toddler and my nine year old stepson) sit across the backseat of my car so we looked at Baby Bargains- great book! and picked the best convertible seat with a narrower base. It turned out to be an Evenflo.
    I needed to remember that all car seats have to pass the same tests and meet the same standards. If I had a different car then I would have gone with Britax. A different car is not an option but I know people who have done that.

    • Stephanie – I agree with you 100%. Pre-van, we had three across the back seat and only the booster was a Britax. 7 yo was in a high back Britax booster, baby was/still is in the Graco, and 5 yo was in the Sunshine Radian, which is rated to 60 lbs and has a SUPER narrow profile.

      I have heard it said time and again that the best car seat is the one that gets the best fit in your car. Ease of installation is one reason I’m such a Britax fan – as their LATCH system is soooo easy. If you’ve got a car post-2002, that makes installing a 30 second job.

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