| 20% Off + FREE Shipping + 29% Off Leap Year Sale is an online superstore selling personal care items, household cleaning supplies and more.

If you sign up now for now, you will automatically save 20% off + get FREE Shipping on your first order of $30 or more.

Plus, they are having a Leap Year Sale, with an additional 29% off on 29 of their most popular items, including Ecos Laundy Detergent (100 fl. oz.) for $7.18 after discounts.

Stock is running out quickly (their K-cups are already gone:(), so these deals are definitely “while supply lasts”.

Will you be able to do better with a sale and coupon? Yes, possibly. Although many of the sale/coupon prices are quite competitive.

Plus you also get free shipping, right to your door – and don’t have to “fuss” with coupons, which I know is appealing to many!

Thanks Surviving The Stores.

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