Apologies, To Do Lists + Tears of Joy

Yesterday, my middle boy was called up to the Torah for the first time.

What a moment! I was definitely welling up with tears of joy… and pride… and relief… and awe.

My to do list for the past two weeks has been pages-long each day, but somehow the tasks are (miraculously) getting done and in just four more days we will be celebrating his bar mitzvah.

The only thing task I haven’t managed to check off is…. blogging!

I am so sorry about that and must ask for your forgiveness. [What better day to ask, right?!] For the next several days, I need to focus on my family and my sweet boy.

[And that pages-long to-do list.]

Wishing you and yours a gamar chatima tova. I hope you have an easy and meaningful fast.

(If you follow me on IG, you’ve already seen the photo above. I just love how the benchers turned out! And only $.73 a piece — what a steal!)

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