Apple Fritters for Chanukah

I love eating sufganiyot for Chanukah.

But I don’t always love making them.

Scratch that. I like making them, but the rise time is a major bummer.

So last night, when I had a hankering for something fried, but didn’t want to wait a few hours for my yeast dough to rise, I had a thought: Apple fritters.

No yeast, no rise time.

Twenty minutes later, I was in apple fritter heaven.

They hit the spot PERFECTLY. They were just as tasty as a sufganiyah, with about one-fifth the prep time. In fact,  I think I’ve uncovered a new Chanukah tradition for my house.

If you’ve got a similar aversion to the sufganiyah rise time, give this dairy-free apple fritter recipe a try. I think you’ll love it, too.

(And P.S. I checked a few recipes, and then tweaked them to work for me, as I always do. This one is based mostly on a recipe from Southern Food. But I made it pareve / dairy-free.)

Do you have a favorite recipe for Chanukah – new or old? Deep fried or… baked? (Sacrilege 😉 )

Please feel free to share in the comments section!


  1. Another use for the peeler/corer/slicer!!!!

  2. Have you noticed that Aldi has almond milk? It’s O-U pareve in the refrigerator section (at my store, not far from egg substitute). They have a vanilla flavored one and an original one–the original has fewer calories.

  3. surella baer says

    I made your apple fritters tonight and they were amazing! Thank you for the recipe!

  4. I made these gluten free for my husband and he loves them! I used 1/2 brown rice flour and 1/2 Mama’s Almond Blend flour. The rest of the recipe doesn’t need tweaking:). It’s great!

  5. one eager eater-to-be in our family is allergice to apples, peaches, nuts, cherries, and coconut — so what would you for a filling? TIA.


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