Apple Watch Series 5 – Lowest Price Ever (Under $300)

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Holy smoking smokes! Amazon has an AMAZING deal right now on this 44 mm Apple Watch 5 with pink sand band.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is under $300 right now for the 44 mm in Pink Sand. The previous low on these watches was $329. (I got the Series 3 for myself last year, but now that I see this deal, I kinda wish I’d held out. I love the pink sand color!)

*GULP!* That’s **$129 off** full price. Just confirm the price on the widget* below.

Thinking about the Apple Watch? Let me tell you why I {eventually} bought mine.

Y’all know I’m not typically an early adapter with technology. My first-ever iPhone was the 4.

I really didn’t think I needed the Apple Watch (I still don’t know that I “need” it, but I do really enjoy having it!). I thought it was kinda silly to have yet another device with a screen.

But then I started thinking I wanted to get a FitBit to help me monitor (and encourage) my fitness.

As it turns out, I’ve also come to love not having to remember to carry my phone everywhere, but still not being “out of touch” for my kids or husband (everyone else can usually wait 😉 ). I love the fitness tracking capacities. I love having my travel information right on my wrist when I’m flying (remember those days?). I love the ability to “control” my phone (turn on and off my podcasts, for example) from my wrist. The list goes on and on….

I worried that having the watch on my wrist would make me more tech-dependent, but I’m finding myself freed from technology. It’s conversely logical!

By the way, if you’re a fellow WhatsApp addict, I even found a work-around to get WhatsApp messages on my watch (although I still can’t view the images on my phone from WhatsApp, so if anyone has a solution to that, please let me know!)

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