April Monthly Meal Plan: The First Two Weeks

You guys know that normally, I like to do monthly menu planning. But with Pesach coming in the middle of the month, I just can’t put it all together into one plan. It just feels wrong to have all that chametz on the same plan with my matzah!

So, today I’m sharing my game plan for the next (almost) two weeks. Stay tuned for my Passover menu plan, hopefully coming later this week.

Monday, April 4 – Creamy black bean burritos, sliced avocados

Tuesday, April 5 – Scrambled eggs & bagels, fruit smoothies (We have back-to-back meetings/activities from 2:30 – 5:30  – so my family is lucky we’re not having cold cereal!)

Wednesday, April 6 – Build-your-own veggie tacos / taco salad

Thursday, April 7 – Homemade pizza & salad

Friday, April 8 – Out for dinner

Saturday, April 9 – Cold soup, salmon, assorted salads, potatoes au gratin?, dessert?

Sunday, April 10 – Homemade mac-and-cheese, salad

Monday, April 11 – Leftovers Smorgasbord

Tuesday, April 12 – Slow Cooker, Coconut Chicken Curry with rice, salad

Wednesday, April 13 – Homemade pizza & salad

Thursday, April 14 (turning over my kitchen this day, so no more chametz by dinner time, I hope) – Twice baked potatoes, salad

Friday, April 15 – Some meat (?) on the grill, home fries, salad, fruit

Saturday, April 16 – ? (Ummm…. can we just eat challah and chumus outside on the deck and call it a meal?!)

Sunday, April 17 – Kosher Chinese Night-Out (woohoo!)


Four out of five of us eat at home; we pretty much eat some selection of leftovers, sandwiches, mac-n-cheese, salad, baked potatoes with cottage cheese, or quesadillas.

What’s on the menu at your house these days? Have you made a plan for the month? The week? The day? I can’t wait to hear about it in the comments section! (And stay tuned – I’ve got a Pesach menu plan link-up coming later this week!)


  1. I use a website to help me with my meal planning. it generates a menu for 5 days. I change things as needed (if it gives me a non kosher option i’ll switch to a kosher one) and i add the weekend meals. Its kind of handy because it lists the flyers for the major grocery stores in the province so i can do a little comparison shopping and plan my shopping strategy (i usually go to 3 stores).

    • Very neat. Is that site Canada-specific? I’m guessing so with the sales flyers. I bet that’s a huge time saver.

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