Asian Turkey Burgers – Detox-Friendly Recipe

It’s Day 5 of the Clean Program Cleanse at my house.

We have discovered a lot of new recipes this week – and I’m pleased to report that most have been enjoyed not only by my husband and me (the “detoxers”), but also by my three kids.

The unanimous favorite so far was these Asian turkey burgers. They came from the Clean Program Three-Week Menu Plan, originally shared on Daily Bites.

Whether you are eating them Clean-style – sandwiched between two Romaine lettuce leaves – or on a hamburger bun, I think you will enjoy these, too.

As far as the cost goes, using ground turkey is definitely a more frugal (less un-frugal?) alternative to ground beef. One pound of meat fed the five of us, with two mini burgers left for lunch the next day.

Do you  make turkey burgers as a healthier, more frugal alternative to hamburgers? Have you ever added ginger to your burgers? Zing!


  1. I will definitely be trying this one! I need to get re-energized in my cleansing!

    • Let me know what you think! I am realizing, by the way, that the cleanse would be far easier if I had a personal chef!

  2. That is amazing you can make 1 lb of ground turkey feed 5 people with leftovers. I have a family of four with one who doesn’t eat meat and one teenage boy. No way could I get by with a pound of ground!

    • I was surprised, too, as a pound of meatballs is always gone FAST. Keep in mind that I’m in “diet mode” so two small burgers did it for me – and my 3 year old isn’t a big eater (unless it has chocolate, cereal or pasta in it).


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