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Plata. Blech. Shabbat hot plate.

Call it what you will, my friend Tziporah asked on Facebook if “any of your readers have suggestions on warming trays for Shabbos/Yom Tov? We need one for Pesach.”

Perfect timing – because ours is biting the bullet big time and we’ll be in the market as well.

I think the hang-over of having lived in Israel for so long is that all I could think to answer her was, “Go to the shuk!”

So I’m turning to you – my very smart readers! Without getting into the varying opinions on whether or not a blech/plata/hotplate is permissible on Shabbat, please share where you have found the best deals!

And if you’ve got an online source, even better, since not all of us live a stone’s throw away from Queens Highway! 😉

Do you have a question about budgeting, couponing, menu planning or anything else? Please send me an email or chat with me on Facebook – I love hearing from my readers!


  1. How timely! Every Shabbos I think to myself that I need to buy a new hot plate. Ours works perfectly fine, but it is wayyy too small and I can only fit two pans on it. Now you’re doing my research for me!

    My sister has an Isra-heat but she says it gets really really hot and can burn the food. I’d love to hear suggestions!

  2. We have this one and really like it:

    We bought it four and a half years ago right after our wedding, and then bought another one right after we moved to NYC last year, since we think the moving in the heat did it in. It warms up well, but not too hot, and if you put it on a timer (we have this one – heavy duty – it stays warm for another hour after it goes off.

    Hope that’s useful!

    • It’s one setting, Jessica? And how does the cordless bit work? And one more question – how much can you fit on it? I’d love to be able to get at least two 9×11 pans. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Not helpful for pesach, but e also find that a great way to limit the amount of electricity we use and reduce # of appliances we use on shabbat is to heat up things on our crock pot. I flip the lid on the crock pot (we have the large oval shaped kind) and I can fit 2 kugels and other foil-wrapped goodies on that space. This is usually enough, unless I am serving a very big meal. This is especially helpful in the summer, when I don’t want to make my kitchen hotter! (and it’s safer too, because then there’s fewer appliances for the kids to hurt themselves with). But yes, we have a platta too… the best source for those is to find someone giving theirs away (moving? Aliyah?) and buying it off of them. Otherwise…main street! (not Queens Hwy 😉 )

  4. how about this one? Good reviews (at least 1 review from shomer shabbat person):

  5. Leah Sarah says

    This is my hot plate, but I don’t know why the price is so high! I got it for about $35 here in Queens, and I thought I’ve seen it online for about $40. It works splendidly and I love it. It fits two 9×13 aluminum tins plus a few small things on the side. It’s great!

  6. the buzz is having a huge sale – there is a 16page circular of all their sale items in this week’s jewish press. they are opening a new store in boro park.
    hand blender and mixer as low as 7.99, electric plata also on sale (i can’t remember), and shabbos hot water pump 34.99. they also have lots of sets of dishes, flatware, all housewares for really reasonable prices.
    they do have a website but its not fully functional yet, i’m sure though that if s/o wanted to call them they’d probably be able to give a reasonable shipping price 🙂

  7. Your friend Daily Cheapskate just posted about this hot plate deal on her blog:

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